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When Leftist Jurisprudence And Yoga Collide

Some leftist lib-weenie in the fair city of Cambridge, MA had a bright idea:

(Click on the Picture - As there is no embed code)

To me, one Yoga Pose comes to mind when I saw this video:

The BOHICA Ramaputra


9 Comments are a sick puppy.  *snicker*
The Traffic and Parking Department said they didn't commission the artist's work. It was his vision after spending all winter following parking officers.

So, they thought it was a *good* idea to follow the advice of a stalker?

I love this little tidbit from the article:
The city is, however, paying to print the unique envelopes.

"The tickets cost a small amount more," said Susan Clippinger, the city's transportation chief.

They're just hoping to now bring a little peace to people who get a parking ticket.
... by making your ticket more expensive to pay for the useless envelope "art".  Brilliant.  For their next trick, the city will hire people to bash citizens over the head with signs proclaiming how much of the citizen's tax dollars paid for the basher.  Makes just as much sense.
Artist in residence in the traffic department, WTF.  Wonder what the heck the "artist" gets paid and if said artist actaully performs useful work. My guess he gets paid too much and only annoys the other workers.
Bill, is that better or worse than deciding it was a good idea to follow the advice of an "artist" (read: useless clown)?
Hmmmm....... where's the ACLU, now?  Something about separation of church and state.  If you don't know whatt I mean, trace the origins of yoga.  Just sayin'.  ML
Just one more bit of evidence that this municipality is not part of the USA.  Where do we get  people who think like this?
San Francisco?
 So, to think of what I thought would be wrong and very very bad of me ...