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Times are tough for the Air Force

When retired Hog-drivers like Dusty are loaning their wheels to AF general officers. Seen recently just east of the Castle...
The Air Force Recruiting Service's A-10 Monster Truck made an appearance at the 2010 Wings Over Whiteman Air Show and Open House, Sept. 18 and 19, 2010, at Whiteman Air Force Base, Mo.


I heard that the Army was considering a similar use for Bill's Version
Interesting muffler installation.
Oh BTW Boss,

The Original High Res is: HERE
 Photoshop: the A10 is in the air?

Yes, it's in the air.  It was going to be retired quite a few years ago.  Then, somebody figured out how to use their capabilities to protect "groundpounders: versus "tank-busting.  Like the Phoenix, they were resurrected.

Yes, I'm biased.  I'm retired USAF and I got to see these beasts in action.
Going to need a bigger hanger at the Castle to park one of those.  However, just the thing to avoid long frostbite inducing tromps in the snowshine when the normal transports go bellied up.
ooohh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT ONE!!!!!!!!

I know I just had a birthday and all, but surely there's enough money at the end of the Obama Rainbow to buy me my very own A-10 Monster Truck!
Well, my birthday's coming up!  Could I get mine in Harrier format?  (Marine wife, yanno)  I could use it to help abate my Automotive Tourette's Syndrome -- thereby creating a kinder, gentler highway upon which everyone can get to where they are going without some stupid jerk doing 20 mph under the speed limit in the *fast* lane.

But I ain't givin' up my Durango -- a girl's gotta have a back-up piece afterall.  And no, Mr. DeBille, I can't use the one you designated for me......yet.  Something about not regulated for highway use.
Go fig.
I have a great A-10 story from Desert Storm that I will tell sometime when I have a little more time.  Great airplane.  Just call me ground-pounder for this one!!
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