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There's "Fail" and then, there's "*Epic* Fail"

This is "Fail"...

When you're going to do a drive-by grenade toss through the passenger window, always insure the passenger window is *down*.

...and this is "*Epic* Fail"...

When your mission is to deliver a suicide bomber to the gate of the FOB, and you have evaded the US patrol and outrun the Iraqi police and you are rapidly approaching your objective -- do not fist-bump your passenger on the hand that's holding the clacker.

We need to establish an eastern regional office for the Darwin Awards Committee.


This is the very best. Thanks for my morning giggle.
...that's really what happened? Wow.
From Wikipedia, my fave epic fail: On September 5, 1999, terrorists were transporting two bombs that they mistakenly thought were set to go off at 17:30 Israel Standard Time; they were actually set for 17:30 Palestinian Daylight Time, which was an hour ahead.
Hey, don't take my word for it. I can introduce you to two of the Iraqi cops who were the "Fail" target and the guy in the tower behind Gate 3 who was watching "*Epic* Fail" through the scope on his Barrett...
If you're gonna do it, do it right, give it your best shot! 
Isn't it great to have really stupid enemies?