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*Still* bemusing after all these years

I know for some of you kiddies the Soviet Union is a semi-mythical beast from a distant past. Others of us mis-spent our youth doing things like grabbing the nukes, tossing them into the trucks and heading out to Tactical Assembly Areas in the woods of then-West Germany while Ronnie and Leonid sent "messages" to each other.
So pictures like this, of Ukrainians, armed with AKs, jumping out of Chinooks, in Poland, cause old filters to flicker in consternation.

Of course, this *is* pretty much *exactly* the outcome we were seeking, ainnit?  Well, maybe not *exactly* but certainly in a broad-brush sense.

Ukranian Special Forces exit a U.S. Army MH-47G Chinook helicopter during a rehearsal for the opening exercise of Jackal Stone 10 in Poland, Sept. 19, 2010. Jackal Stone 10, hosted by Poland and Lithuania, is an annual international special operations forces exercise held in Europe and coordinated with U.S. Special Operations Command Europe. U.S. Army photo by Sgt. 1st Class Jason Cauley.

I don't care who you are - it still looks like a frog barfing when a Chinook disgorges troops like that.

Slightly larger version available by clicking here, for you defying-the-laws-of-nature groupies.


Here's another filter flickerer for ya.

An up-armed Mi-17 that's *not* looking to blow you away.

Ummm -- except with the rotorwash...
Yeah, last week there was a picture of an Mi-17 landing on a US Navy frigate that caused some twitch, too...
Ukrainians...jumping out of Chinooks...

...thanking their lucky stars to have survived the noise and the vibration.

I still remember USSR trawlers shadowing my carrier. Damn, I feel old.....
I remember a briefing we got that detailed "what and where's"  of our deployment if the USSR invaded Europe.  At least I remember some details, specfically:

We would deploy, 24 hours later start up the Forward Air Control Post in Country X
12 minutes later a Hind-D (at which point a slide of a close up of the front of the Hind is shown )
and kill half of us
Our sister unit would take over and last 30 minutes

I also remember the briefers were from the A-10 squadron, I wanted to go with them, screw FAC :)


I imagine a military exercise in Poland, with Lithuania in cooperation, using US equipment causes Russian sphincters to clamp shut very quickly.

Imagine Venezuela and Iran doing joint maneuvers in Chihuahua.  LOL
And in the meantime, the Norwegian and Dutch Air Farces are busy trying to intercept Bears over the North Sea.

Ah die Gütten olden Taggen
And yet, we now have a sitting POTUS, that by all indicators available from his early life, was raised up as a devotee to that filthy, murderous, degenerate ideology that we all swore to stand against to the death, if necessary.

But that's ok. Why is it ok? Because all the devotees of that disgusting filthology have told us it is just not nice to pick on commie-scum. All the useful idiots to the same have followed along as per their usual idiocy and all the rest of us just got down on our knees and gave up.
Grimmy, there's no evidence that he ever devoted himself to Islam. Yes, I know, he lived in Indonesia for a few years as a boy. I regularly went to Baptist Sunday School as a child and that never took.

It's quite possible -probable, even- that he always has been a Christian. Dunno if you ever dropped by Baldilocks' place, but she's provided some interesting compare & contrast with respect to Obama. They both had fathers from Kenya, both from the same tribe, etc, both had significant number of worshipping Muslims in their family, yet Baldi is a devout Christian. Why can't Barry be. Except that you loathe him, of course? :)

fdcol63 (Frank, isn't it?) your scenario is the precise opposite of the one in the photo, since the forces you mentioned aren't even as good as the Russians . {/snerk!}
My former next-door neighbor, a weird retired Ordnance guy, said he jumped with some Spetznaz guys from an An-2 on his Russian vacation.  I bet that was weird.  He did say that all the stories you have heard about alcohol, and the drinking of it by Russians, are true,  and the truth is more than the stories.
Casey, I think Grimmy was talking about the Commies, not the Mohammedans.  Ah's afeared we gots us a twofer with the current POTUS.

Oh, where is Simon the Able Seacat, killer of Commie Rats, now that we really need him.

Hint: Simon is the only feline winner of the Dickin Medal.
I won't call Obama a communist, nor even a socialist. He's a Progressive.

Still, that analysis holds more water than the "Obama's a Muslim" claim.

But Casey,

Progressive is just the new name that Socialist, in the true mening of the word, are calling them selfs, because Liberal and Communist and Socialist has such a bad name thanks in part to the new meida showing the problems with and the failure of the above said ideals.
Indeed.  "Progressives" call themselves by that name to disguise their true nature by pretending to be modern, hip, "new and improved", but there's nothing new about tyranny, oppression, despotism, or authoritarianism.

Those are ancient and eternal evils.

Believe whatever you wish. Hell, believe the Easter Bunny is real for all the diff it makes. It'd be as reality based as ignoring the commiescum history, the KNOWN commiescum history of Obama.

His mother was a commiescum. The grandpa that raised him was a commiescum. He sought out commiescum "mentors" throughout his school career. He got his political annointing at the feet of a commiescum wannabe terrorist.


C'mon Grimmy, tell it like ya mean it, don't sugar-coat it!