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Scandinavian Cooking Show

It's the week-end, and it's time to watch some cooking shows.  Last week I referred to a different Scandinavian Cooking Program.  This time however, for something different, please enjoy a bit of Norwegian Culinary Arts.



That is great!

The effort it must have taken to set it up was well rewarded by the host (on our right) keeping it going througout.

If you want to see something similar, go on YouTube and find the cooking segments from Craig Ferguson's Late, Late Show.

Here's one with  Spanish chef:

Uffda.  Norwegian Penn & Teller.  That was hilarious.
Where is the lutefisk? It isn't Norwegian without lutefisk.

"Uff-da" is Svee-dish. Yü vor t'inkin' üf "Åh-ja" -- ya?
 Must be a cooking show for engineers.

Bill I got 300,000 Norsk in Minnesooooooooooota and North Dakooooooooooooooooooooota who would argure that point.

And Lutefisk isn't that bad with a little butter or white sauce......pass the lefse please.

Chef José Andrés' career here in  Washington, started just as I came to the city back in 1990.  Back then he had just opened an unassuming little restaurant in the Adams Morgan neighborhood.  He called it Café Atlántico.  One of my favorite digs in the city.

In the late '90's, he moved to a more upscale setting near the Navy Memorial/National Archives area.  Around the same time he opened Jaleo a Tapas Bar in the same area.  They serve a mean Sea Urchin Carpaccio.

Over the years he has become an institution in the culinary world of  the capital.  His restaurants are a must go, whenever you are in D.C. Yummm!!!

Here ya go, Bill.  I gots yer lutefisk-filled aebleskiver right here...

Na.  Uffda is all Scandihoovianness.   Speaking  of which...I am looking at flank steak and contemplating boneless birds for dinner upon our entry into Fall.  This will be the year of cardamom bread and Wiener Brot at Yule.

I gots yer lutefisk-filled aebleskiver right here...

*peering fearfully at platter from behind dining room curtain*
heheh...*loads one in Pringles can and fires at curtain*

Whether it connects is up to Bill.  We do make chok'lit filled 'skiver from time to time.  We get a jar of Nutella and let it get a tad chilly, and form small round of goodness, then freeze 'em.  The 'skiver are prepared a tad on the sweet side, sans spice, and a frozen tidbit of yummy is dropped into the batter.