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Ruh-roh! [Updated]

Cat's got opposable thumbs!

Update:In response to Cortillaen's comment regarding Sven above (and Damncat, in the post below) - Why, yes, I do indeedy have some more cuteness!

Guinea on final with traffic on the active.

How 'bout "Guinea on Final With Traffic On The Active?"


That's it, we're screwed.  In the immortal words of a less-than-immortal character, "Game over, man!  Game over!"  Damncat, Doomcat... what's next (aside from more cuteness)?
Why, yes, I do indeedy have some more cuteness!

"Cute rots the intellect."  -- Garfield the Cat

Cats got opposible thumbs. 
Fortunately, they don't know what to do with them. Yet.
Cuteness is their ploy to dominate the world. . .don't fall for it.

Guineas need traffic controll!!
"Fortunately, they don't know what to do with them. Yet."

Oh, I don't know about that!  My polydactyl knows exactly how to use her thumbs.
You should see her snag a tater bug or gecko.
Me knows a pollydaddle moggie m'self, and she can use 'er thumbs right well, or black's the white of me eye.
Arr, the ginny fowl. Can it be ate? Which it's wholesome meat for a hungry sailor on the account, methinks.
Well bugger me over a barrel! It's the change of the day in less than half a glass, and me iintellects'll have to sham Abraham fer t'next year!  Arr,  I'll sham the nermal, and you scurvy dogs'll believe it, or I'll see the color of yer livers!
No, really; how did the landing go?
Ha! You poor fools.  Don't you know that the only reason cats would develop opposable thumbs would be so that they could snap their fingers to have the help attend to their wants?  Don;t forget, that dogs have masters, cats have staff!  (Ex-staff head to an ex- half-Siamese, half-wild cat {whom I still miss])
My poly tortie doesn't seem to have much muscle control over her thumbs.  She can't properly retract em, so she sticks just a bit as she walks.  Hence, her local nickname of  "Clawwalker".  But yeah, I'm just grateful she hasn't started with the tool use and taming of fire.
Sven actually has seven toes per front paddle.  That little tuft between the thumb and the rest of that mitten is another claw.  Right now, he's young and has full control.  I expect, like all cats, as he gets older he'll have less ability to retract.

That should make for fun on the only remaining carpet in the house.  If we keep it that long - which I'm not betting on, considering SWWBO's current mood, and the LHL (Loose Hair Loading) in the house.
Shadow had six claws on both front paws and five on the back.  Her *sixth* claw was an unsheathed one, though, so we had that removed.  Her other extra toes are fully retractable and functional.  Since Sven is young still, I'd suggest having the unsheathed ones removed as they can become troublesome later on down the line.  I believe Carrie's polydactyl had problems with one (or more?) of his extra claws becoming ingrown a year or so ago.