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Polymorphs: We Haz One!

And our resident polymorph, AFSis - WereKitty - MAWK - Annabelle - Dbie haz a birthday -- and IT'S TODAY !!!!1!1!!elevens!!


Now, one of the problems with polymorphs is, you really don't *know* which persona to address at any given time -- particularly if three of them happen to be gathered at the bar at the same time.

My usually-reliable-when-sober source informs me that shot was taken at The First Evah MilBlogCon, when AFSis - WereKitty - MAWK realized that she / they could maximize the "libations per trip" ratio with some judicious persona-shuffling.

The other problem with polymorphs is, wottinblueblazes do you write on the birthday cake? Fortunately, I know the pastry chef in the DFAC (the CIA on her T-shirt doesn't stand for Culinary Institute of America, though), and was able to score an Official, Government-Issue Birthday Cake!

Unfortunately, the icing manipulator didn't have a real tight lock on the concept that *all* her names -- like all her personae -- didn't necessarily have to appear *simultaneously*...

...fortunately, I caught him before he could personalize all the cake slices.

One of the advantages to actually *being* a polymorph, though, is -- you can dance at your party and still sit down to enjoy a piece of cake!

And pop down off the stage to work the crowd!

Happy Birthday, AFSis - WereKitty - MAWK - Annabelle - Dbie - BlogTwin!

I just hope that by 43 I get the plank fixed and no longer feel like I'm about to crash.

Well, when ya do, here's a comfy place to do it...

You *do* realize that you have to do an update, now, right?



Well, howdy doody and happy birfday, whoever you are!  I try to stick to just one or two 'Net pseudonyms, so that I don't have to remember who I'm pretending to be on particular occasions.
Happy Birthday!
That's one hawt pole-cat there...
Happy Birthday Dbie!  I know it's your birthday but we are the ones who got the are one of the great things blogging has brought into my life.
Happy Birthday you pole dancing minx.
Believe it or not, some things actually  do get better with *age*, like wine. But on the other hand, you have  the "Old Pharts", but nobody in that list qualifies.

Armorer, when you see that pole-cat's tail up and aimed at you,  it's time to leave.  This is not just true of you, but all of us. They have been good with all of us.

From one "Grumpy" Old Phart, have a Happy Birthday! Let this one, be the first of many to come.
Happy Boitday!

Now let's all pole-dance! John goes first. :)

I wonder what's the NSN Nº on that Cake, Birthday, U.S. Army, and whether it was made to its MS Drawing Nº.

Anywhooo - Feliz Cumpleaños Annabelle!!!

Thank you for my birthday wishes....!

I've been off the 'net all day, in Indy, and then at football practice.  What a great way to start the evening.  LOVE seeing the SSG Werekitten pictures, Twin!  Truly awesome.

The one thing I really wanted most for my birthday, I got:  Keith took the day off and spent it with me!  He also surprised me with the most awesome carrot cake in DA WORLD from the National Exemplar restaurant (although I'm sure the Army cake above was maaaahvalous), a Wounded Warrior Project t-shirt, and... !!!  A new copy of Monty Python and the Holy Grail"!!!  I somehow lost the 2nd CD, so we've only been able to watch the first half of the movie for the past couple of years.  WOOT! 

It's been a perfect day, topped off by a perfect birthday party at The Castle.
Happy Birthday!
So, Annabelle, you were in Great Peril for that whole time?
A belated happy birthday, Annabelle!