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Murkowski - the disease of power has a strong hold in that family, producing an almost breathless, if yet sadly unsurprising, sense of entitlement.

Interesting philosophical discussions can emanate from this, especially should she win.

I would guess the most likely outcome is that she ensures Miller loses, rather than she wins (which might well be a satisfying outcome to her), but one would hope there's something aside from hurt pride and boundless ambition lurking in her run - such as some serious analysis (not just the urging of her personal bubble-space occupants) that indicates she actually can win.

If she does win, and pulls a plurality of the nominal Republican voters, what does it say about the primary system (which I think is seriously bent, if not broken - and it's the fault of both the parties and the electorate)?

If she does win, I'm sure the Republicans, unless they've somehow managed to pull of a miracle in Senate seats will welcome her back into the caucus, for practical reasons - but should they?   Or should she, Sanders, and Lieberman form a third,  tiny caucus?  Oh, I know that's just being silly.


It'll be interesting. Since she's running as an Independent Write-In, the number of votes she gets -- depending on the number of voters who actually care enough to write her name in and pull the lever -- will either enhance her sense of self-esteem or smash it flat.

And I have a hunch that if she takes the bronze, we'll hear the *thud* all the way over here...
I have some personal experience with this.  RINOs, moderates or whatever you want to call them Republicans demand the conservatives (fiscal and social) support them when they are ascendant with no questions and plenty of  money.  When conservatives win the nonconservative Republicans sit on their hands and zip closed and lock their wallets or donate to the other party or sometimes change parties or worse support the democrat while claiming to be Republicanswithprinciples.  The faster they are jettisoned and join the ash heap of history the better.
WilliamT, "And I have a hunch that if she takes the bronze. we'll hear the *thud* all the way over here..."  Sir, it doesn't matter if we hear it in South Jersey, the big question is will she hear and accept it?

The good Doc John, the Armorer, gives a good diagnosis of the primary system. He says of the primary system, "(Which I think is seriously bent, if not broken - and it's the fault of both the parties and the electorate?") Let me just ask the guys a question, "How would you feel if the Good Doc John gave you the very same diagnosis?" OUCH, THAT HURTS, ENUFF ALREADY!

It is strange, we hear many times about the 'right' or the 'left', to me, this is just talking about a right hand or left hand threads to screw them into the ground.
I thought she was trying to run as a Republican write-in.

There are views she should gracefully bow out having lost and there are views she should fight on.  If large numbers write in but not enough to win will that hand the democrats the win despite having a lower vote than would normally be required?
My husband and I are two of the Republicans that voted Miller in and Murkowski out in the primaries.  Throughout her term we would email her with our concerns about the mad spending in Congress and urge her support one way or the other on proposed legislation.  When she co-sponsored one of the cap-and-trade bills we wrote that we would never support her again.  She just sent back a canned reply that she was doing what she thought was best for Alaska.

That's what she is claiming now, too.  She doesn't understand that the majority of active Republican voters in Alaska don't believe her or agree with her.  All we can do now is work harder to make sure she doesn't act as a spoiler.
RINOs- Never again!  I am not a Republican, I am a CONSERVATIVE, and simply will NOT support Republicans who are liberals, or even squishy moderates.  If forced to take a moderate as the most conservative who can win, I may reluctantly vote for them, but only as a last resort.

I send money to good conservative candidates regardless of their state, but not a dime to the RNCC or RNSC or RNC which will waste it on the non-conservative candidates.

I want to take back te Republican Party, but if unsuccessful will abandon it.

The squishy moderate Republicans have done nearly as much damage to our country as the liberal Democrats and I will not tolerate it.
Co-sponsoring a "cap-and-trade" proves she's not thinking of Alaska.

BTW, Al Gore's Hot AIr Scam, the Chicago Carbon Exchange, is just about DOA. The Euros did a hostile takeover and fired half the employees "as a cost-saving measure" with more firings to come.

Carbon credits are now ten cents a ton -- Al Baby was betting on Cap 'n' Tax passing, which would have pushed them to over $35 per ton. I hope he and Obie took a bath on it.
Arrr! The wench is taking on airs above her station!  Some time on the Spanish Main and she'll mind her luff!
Bill, ye slack-arsed brisket-beater, do me the turn of an email,  for I have yarns to tell ye. Yarr!
Yarr! John (NTA) , yer pullin and haulin on the Spanish Burton, me boy!  I'll clap on and help ye!  The scurvy dogs the Police Republicans, who run this town, give no respect to an honest sailor who feels the need to strike out on his own.  The Rial Nivy is a danger to an earnest seaman, who knows where be the gold.
Hmmm.  Someone down south has p'raps slipped their meds.  Or had their URL stolen by a pirate.
Hmmm. Someone down south has p'raps slipped their meds. Or had their URL stolen by a pirate.

I think that's just for the day. ;)
Yeah, but I didn't figure that out until *after* I made the comment.
We have a similar sitch here in WA, although as far as I know, Didier has not declared he will run as a write-in.  He has not shown any support for Rossi, though, and those of us who have some hope of replacing the awful Patty Murray are not looking forward to a party splitting election season.
Murkowski should back off, as splitting the vote is likely to hand victory to the D's.  It's her petty vanity at work right now, she's not thinking of the big picture - getting a majority in Congress is the prize.

Now, if you want to argue that the primary systems are broken, you get no argument from me.  I'd go so far as to agree that the 2-party system is broken. But taking our toys and going home just cedes the field to the guys playing it for all it's worth, so play we shall - and it better be for the win.
Barb, I don't think Murkowski cares if she hands it to "D." It's all about her and her perks. That's all the Republican left really cares about.
That's her problem -- the Dems aren't even in the picture for her. As far as she's concerned, the election is a popularity contest between Miller and herself.
here's a thought: vote on the third party! no Dems or Reps, just that third one. 
‎"It’s not enough, seemingly, to vote these people out. We have to STOMP on them for them to get the message." 

From Instapundit the other day, quoting a reader regarding the selfish attitudes of "establishment" Republicans like Murkowski who are losing to TEA Party Movement candidates.
Over teh side wiv 'er! Nail 'er ears to a plank and set 'er adrift.  There be more comely wenches in Alaska, guvners even! Yarr!
Voting third party right now would just guarantee a Democrat win.  While I am not happy with many Republican politicians, a third party in the general isn't the way to go this year.  After November 2010, we can see how establishment Republicans behave and go from there.  Elections have consequences.  2008 is proof enough of that.  I'm just as pissed at those Republican voters who sat it out this last election cycle.  Not a big McCain fan, but he'd have been a damn sight better than The One...
...and a damn sight easier on our wallets, Miss L...
My view is that Murkowski is driven by her personal hatred of Sarah Palin. After all, it was Palin who defeated her father, Frank Murkowski, in a primary battle for the governorship of Alaska. And it certainly appears that it was Palin's endorsement and support of Miller that carried him to victory over the daughter this year. So I suspect that this has nothing to do with principles. It has everything to do with pay back.
Then she should put on her big-girl pants and get over it.