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Misogynistic Picture Of The Day

If they come together, I would hate to serve them at the DFAC.



I can imagine the Sargeant bawling them out....

"Moodie.....  "
Well, I'm guessing Boq is trying to change our male/female demo ratio by driving away the womyn and attracting teh drunken frat boyz.
One of the Ladies who used to visit to take PIO pix rejoiced in the name of Kuntz -- "Pronounced 'Coonts' -- you know, like that macho guy who writes airplane books whose grandparents couldn't spell."

Her boss was Major Beaver, who, upon introducing herself as she climbed into the seat next to me in the sim, added, "...and, no, I'm not going to prove it."
Well Boss, after the gratuitous display of BEEFCAKE yesterday, I had to balance matter a bit.
Ummmm........Boq?  Yesterday was not, I repeat NOT, a display of beefcake.  I would link to such, -- for clarification purposes only, of course -- but it takes forever to get the boot marks off my head.
"I know you're out there, somewhere" ... Is there someone around there named "BLUES"?
And Sly *knows* beefcake.

She's seen my pic and says I ain't it, either, so that cinches it...

Htom - using sekrit resources, your scenario is possible.  There are some soldiers with the surname in question.

I reckon it's too much to expect, to have an actual Major Major, but I wonder if we could manage to have a Sergeant Major: not a Sergeant-Major, you understand.

If I were much younger and in a perverse mood, I might consider changing my surname to Breakthrough, seeking a commission and dedicating my efforts to achieving the rank of Major.

I think of the possible variations of "Who's on first" for nametags, and I giggle like a lunatic, I tell you.


Ones I've actually known:
1.  Captain Kirk: he was really glad to make Major so that his peers, superiors and subordinates all finally quit asking him to beam them up.  Not to mention, every time he asked what was wrong with a broke jet, someone would invaribly say that the dilithium crystals were breaking down...
2.  Worked with a guy named Stane who had been in t he Ausie Navy: he was really glad to make petty officer... you'll figure it out.
3.  Trained a guy named Airman Newbie.
4.  I have known a Sergeant Major Sergeant and a Sergeant Major Major (try saying that 10 times fast).

There was a guy in my old Guard unit (when it was still just a Divarty Aviation Section) who was christened "Major" at birth. When he was AD in Vietnam, he was Lieutenant Major Weber, then Captain Major Weber, and when he saw the light (like I did) and went warrant in the Guard, he became Chief Warrant Officer Major Weber.

Made it interesting during the days when we weren't allowed to sew our rank on our flight suits -- I'd introduce us to Visitors Of Rank as "I'm Bill Tuttle and this is Major Weber." I'd watch as they all zeroed in on him as the (assumed) PIC, then we'd start the fun: "I'll get the weather briefing, Maje -- you go do the preflight." "Okay, Bill -- I'll grab your gear from your locker and bring it out, too."

Stunned looks and fun times...
Oh, old, you mean that he was a Seaman? Snork!


JTG - I know somebody would get it in this crowd!

JTG, sometimes, sometimes it would be nice if you attached your "performing for normals" filter.
One picture is worth a thousand words, and that picture says it all!
Yarr, matey, the filter be soluble in grog.
Yarr! Black is the white of me eye, If I ever meant the least harm to any of me Internet shipmates!
Joooooooohn! He's been staring at the disco ball again!
Somewhere deep in a bunker lies the Spec Warfare development branch..

Private Pinhead: Sir! I have the final report on our latest R.A.G project (Really Aggressive Girls)... there's good news and ... *gulp* bad news though.

General Tool: What is the good news, Private?

Private Pinhead: Well, it seems our small ops team was able to wipe out over 10,000 taliban in less than 72 hours.

General Tool:That's outstanding! What could possibly be bad after that!?!?

Private Pinhead: Well, it seems that they're really only effective for 3-4 days a month, and it's costing us a fortune in spa time and chocolates immediately afterwards.

We used to have a neighbor with the last name Miracle.  He was Major Miracle until he got promoted.
Nonsense, Olaf. As a woman, I reserve the right to be a b**** any time I feel like it, or any time the situation calls for it. Once a month may be too much, nor not nearly enough. :D