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Eye Candy - But First A Word From Our Sponsor

Normally, I don't get too hot and bothered about war reportage. Specially when its purveyed by left leaning "alphabet soup" news outlets with a propaganda axe to grind.  In it, Laura Logan the Über War Kitten purrs her way through FOB's and Indian Country along the Afghan-Pakistani border.

But what I found hilarious, was that before you can feast your peeps with the eye candy that she proffers, one has to first *er* "bone-up" *cough* for battle and pay attention to a word from her sponsor.



There's a video?
We've got to keep our Soldiers alert and standing at attention at all times, you know.
It's TERRORISTS, YOU BLOODY PEOPLE,  TERRORISTS. NOT foreign fighters.  When oh,  When are WE EVER going to get this CORRECT?  Yea, I know, allah forbid WE ever do.
Yeah - But think of the well functioning *er* hydraulic maintenance promoted here, Heltau ;-()
Not to mention the opportunity for the fine, upstanding members of our armed forces to be displayed in all their magnificence focused with a monoptic view of the mission at hand until either their objective is obtained or their ammunition is spent.
thank you for posting the CBS 60 minutes video.   when I played it (twice) there was no ad, so I don't know what you are referring to, but the story at the FOB:  this captain calls himself a failure for the loss of his men, and you wonder if the call for "help" from the village was a ruse for an ambush all along?
When I ran th4e clip it started with an ad for Viagra.