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Castle Technical Rapid Surgery Team

Doing the rounds around the web, is a LITTLE CLIP on a Jeep rapid disassembly drill team.  Well, knowing how much Massa John loves his Castle Technical, I couldn't help myself but dig a bit on this matter.

It happens that these grease monkeys are all mechanical technicians at Canadian Forces Base/Area Support Group Gagetown, New Brunswick

Here's them making a quick meal of a Jeep at  Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo last year

I swear - There has to be a 'Rican Chop-Shop "Artiste" in there somewhere.

The full story is: HERE 

Though if ever Massa John ever decides to make a road trip North-of-the-Border in The Castle Technical, I don't know whether he would be proud or nervous of his jaunt.



That's the Canuckistani version of the Castle Technical alright.

"The jeep is fully functional... for ceremonial purposes."

Emphasis on "ceremonial purposes."

Indeed.  It's missing so many nuts and bolts that if it hit a tootsie-roll on the road on a warm day it would fall to pieces.  Trust me.  I do happen to know how these things go together...  there's one in the garage.

That said - it's still cool to see the Fitters get themselves a competition that ghosts the Royal Navy Field Gun Competition.
There've been other mods, too.  See the cone on the rear cross-member?  Intended to center the body - and means you don't have to have any nuts or even bolts in place to keep that body secure enough for... ceremonial purposes.

Now if they rebuilt the engine that could be more challenging.  Then when they start it to drive around and all the bits fall off we know they took too many shortcuts.

It would be something else to see the field gun one in person.
This is about as up-close and personal as a non-participant can get, argent:
I saw a similar vid over at B5's the other day; might be the same team as they also wore red shirts. I noticed they only used 2 nuts per wheel, thinking "that doesn't look safe." :)

 2 RCHA used to have their own version of the gun run using 105mm pack howitzers.  Operationally, they were replaced with the French LG1 105mm light gun, but the Pack howitzers may have been retained for the competition.
Takes me longer than that to change the oil on my old Willys.

OK, a hot garage and excessive beer consumption does slow down the process.

OK, excessive beer consumption at least.
I'd like to have that engine, though...
Field Gun is indeed the coolest and manliest competition you can have without people getting killed or maimed, except sometimes.
"The red team comprised of vehicle technicians from Land Force Atlantic Area (LFAA) and the blue team consisted of soldiers from the Ceremonial Guard."

Blue Team was clearly outgunned.

 Earlier version here:
... and they do drive in and out of the arena.

"By SFC D on September 14, 2010 3:13 PM
Takes me longer than that to change the oil on my old Willys."

I don't change oil any more, since my (Master) Mechanic advised me to switch to pure synthetic and only change the filter, adding a bit less than a quart (to fill the filter).  That was 12K miles ago.  When he changed the filter 9K miles back, I found a filter that the manufacturer said was good for 10K.

Yeah, but you'll notice there's no tootsie-roll speed bumps, either!
 Can't afford the tootsie-rolls:


The Willys Hurricane engine has a notoriously poor oil fitration system.  Synthetic oil will be filthy and unusable in it long before it wears out.  Dirty synthetic oil is no better than dirty regular oil.   Better to stick with plain old 30w and change it every 3k, and use the savings to buy better quality beer!

Ah, but I don't have a yeep; 2004 Silverado 4.9...that said, I agree that dirty synthetic oil is no better than dirty regular oil.

Did a little Googling last night on extended oil changes.  My owner's manual says that for the kind of driving I do (never (well, weekend drives excepted) less than 20 miles, at speeds of 55-75), I'm good for 7500.  With an *improved* (?) filter, I don't think 10K is stretching it, although I think I should be checking the oil level more than I do.

Wife drives a '98 Silverado 4.3, very seldom more than 20 miles a day, in-town.  We're keeping her ride on a 3K schedule!