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Bathtime For Seahawk

Last week two US Navy MH-60R Helicopter took turns in taking "baths" at Emerald Lake California.

As you can see, the wingman kept hovering by its side whistling dixie, as she dook a dip in the pool.
No-no, wait wrong video clip.  This is the real clip:

Aparently this has created a kerfuffle as a British Newspaper has gotten involved in this wet affair.

Read Article: HERE



I've heard of dipsh*ts, but this is the first time I've seen them on video.
Bill, your presence is requested over at Lex's place on this subject. Your special brand of Snark would be appreciated. I sttod up for the Army' honor on this matter, but could still use the support.
The price of ego is probably 20 million of training.  Plus the repair costs.  A lucky outcome perhaps as the price could have been higher.

Curse those tourists huh?
Yeah, I read about this a couple of days ago.  Balloon pilots call this trick a "splash ' n dash".... and it's not nearly as dumb or dangerous for them as a helicopter pilot!
So I assume they weren't dunking one of them SONAR thingys in the water when this happened?

I don't see any sonar element or cable in any of the pictures.
Our old Labrador SAR choppers used to stick their rear into the water to help with the pickup and deployment of a small rubber boat , I think our new Cormorants do the same, neither are meant to land on water. Unless there is blade erosion from the water, I can’t see what repairs would be required, it’s not salt water.
I wonder if the precipitous dunking was a result in rotor vortex ring state, acerbated by mist
in the vortex.
A couple of flingwing types over at Lex's place thought much along the same lines. I'm sure the high elevation they were trying to play at had some influence. Bill can tell you about flying underpowered Helos in high density altitude conditions. The VHPA member at my church has told a few hair curling stories from his experiences.