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Weekend Whatziss

Tighten the turnbuckles on your monitors in anticipation of John's obligatory Paroxysm of Surprise at yrs trly showing up thrice in a single week.


No, there are no cat hairs, and yes, it *is* in Iraq -- do I give you guys context, or what?

Geez, I'm even a bigger squish than John is when it comes to passing out clues...


Dammit, man, the cat hairs are critical for scale!  For all we know, that's an uncooked bratwurst, 2000 gallon propane tank, the butt of the Trojan Horse, or a maintenance shelter...
Oh - wait, no, I know what it is - the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man!
it looks like one of those things you put in that cavity at the low end of your back on doctos order, but without a cat's hair it is impossible to say exactly. does it blow stuff up?
The Hindenburg II departing it's hangar before it floats majestically above Baghdad.

Back end of a Sprung Shelter, or the worlds biggest Puff Ball.


Arte et Marte

Rosie O'Donnel's left asscheek.
Radome shelter sitting on its side awaiting installation
More specfically a an-trc-194 Milstar :)
Looks like a big yellow circle
John: No, nope, nuh-uh, nah, and nooooooo.

Eric: Not directly.

Kirk: Nup. Besides, the pic was taken in Kirkuk.

Heath: No and naw.

og: Not big enough for that.

Jerry: Nope. More specifically, no.

JW: You and Annabelle are related, aren'tcha?
JW is a typical ORSA.  Firm grasp of the details, but no sense of the big picture...
Izzat wunna dem di-rigible thingys?
 How did Captain Ahab and the crew of the Pequod get that white whale so far inland, anyhow.
An "aircraft" shipping container? I say "Aircraft" because I don't think helicopters can really be counted, but I'm an equal opportunist.
A test stand for leak testing Marine prophylactics?
John: Not a di-rigible, duh-rigible, de-rigible, or any kind of -rigible.

Pat: There's water in the Tigris, although the Khasa is pretty shallow right now.

RC: Nope.

Marine6: Only if the Whatziss was the actual size as shown on your cellphone screen.

*sound of riffing pinochle deck as Cassie and Sly cut cards to see who gets to kill me first*
My money's on a nice big propane storage tank used to fuel that ginormous Webber grill you contractors keep out back in order to do up those nice fat ribeye steaks.
Hmmmm.  Too big to be the radome of a Phalanx-based counter-artillery system.  Not the right shape for an LCMR...   Though it does have some of the characteristics of a radome.

Ponder ponder ponder.
Though it does have some of the characteristics of a radome.

Yes, it does, doesn't it? Also some of the characteristics of an overweight admiral in mess whites...

HF6: Survey sez:


We made the grill out of slabs of armor plate, it's charcoal fired, and I haven't seen a nice, fat, ribeye steak since the Fourth of Joo-ly in 2007.
After a couple of adult beverages, I remain convinced that the "cat hairs" are some kinda RDF antenna's, and I see what I THINK is 1.6 meter antennas (sat com or microwave tropo). But on closer examination I don't see any AC, and when I  deloyed, we the USAF always had some kinda AC, so retract the MILSTAR answer. So as Horshack use to say....Ohhh, Ohhh, Ohhh...

It's the Airbus A300-6000 Beluga

Opps, typo, Airbus A300-600 Beluga, not 6000, and for clarity I mean air conditioning not aircraft (AC).


Propane tank....make that _mobile_ propane tank, as in Tractor-Trailer Propane Tank, but what its doing in non-camo I can't fathom.
Portable fuel bladder.
Training device for submariners.  Weather device?  Mind you this is Iraq perhaps it's something expedient.

Obama's thinking cap.
It's a big bullet on a trailer.
Wrong size and color to be Silver Bullet or Steel Eagle.

Are those two pipes coming out the side of it (Forward towards the camera).  Would bagdad need a heated water cistern?
Ohh, Ohh.....Suppository for Godzilla after he eats one too many forests, have to deal with the blockage somehow.

Bill already ruled out Rosie O'dumb. . . Uh, nevermind I sense John's boot hovering. Let's make that Rosie O'doughnuts.

Looks like my comment disappeared.  I wrote in it that the oblateness of the rounded end is suggestive, and maybe the two eyelike thingies on the side of it. I think I also smartarsedly mentioned something about a giant bell jar for pulling a vacuum upon people Saddam disliked. 
*Now* you guys are thinking!

But still sooooooo wrong...
It's a lid for something?
Inflatable playspace... 
Maybe it was meant to be used round-end-down,  as some kind of chemical reaction vessel, or fish-breeding tank, or something.
One, I don't play pinochle, I play poker. 
And people usually only ask me to cut the deck once....

As to the Whatiz, my first thought was a ball-gag for SF Nan, but without the cat hair for scale, I can't tell if it's big enough.  Then I thought maybe a suppository for Xerxes I Won!, but even without the cat hair it obviously isn't remotely large enough to accomplish that mission.
Judging from the position of its body....the color...the shape....and using the buildings for a scale reference since we have no cat hair...and the fact that it is no where to be found in America...I am going to go out on a limb and say you found my Ex Wife.
Jtg: Nooooooo. And nope.

John: Nuh-uh.

...and the fact that it is no where to be found in America...

Actually, you *can* find it in America, if you know where to look. And I do...

Part of a desalination plant awaiting movement/intstallation?
Very loose interpretation of "not directly" blowing stuff up, since MAN needs water, and MAN blows lots of stuff up [along with building lots of stuff :) ]
rolled hay bale plastic weather cover.
or discarded starfrut blender top
It's the left half of a giant economy size Tylenol for the headache those guys have from trying to form a legit gomment.
I know this is way too obvious, but how about the crew compartment for a soon to be installed full motion UH-1 simulator?