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The New Ad...

You may have noticed the Sierra Club ad over there.    Go ahead, click on it!  It won't hurt you (and will help the Castle).

I didn't disapprove it.  I didn't approve it, either, I dunno how they got it to run automatically, I must have a setting off in my blogad control panel.


They hate the Second Amendment.  I'm going to buy ammo with the revenue.

They love trees (so do I, but hey, I've got a small forest to manage, too).  So, I'm going to get the chainsaw blades sharpened.  And cut some wood.  And not just deadfall, either.

To burn for aesthetic purposes.  And to stockpile, in case the world does devolve to their kinda preferred balance, and we once again live in a world lit only by fire.

Besides, what they're advertising for in and of itself isn't a bad thing.


It's gone, now.

Somebody at the Sierra Club must have decided to visit a site so scenic and bucolic that it's called "The Castle" -- and then discovered it ain't Camelot, baby...
Still shows for me. Shoot - they bought the ad from the Milblog Hive, so they had to have had *some* idea of the group they were buying from.
Note the 'service members' being honored are not *military* service members, but their own volunteers...

Kind of a bland let-down after Andre's Bayonet Enhanse, if'n you ask me....

Here's what I told them about 'how I serve':

"I serve by going to the rifle and pistol range to sharpen my shooting skills to protect my family and my neighbors."
Indeed, Neffi.  Indeed.

Only seven clicks.  700 views (typical for this time in the daily traffic flow)

Still no Sierra Club.
Funstuff at Castle Argghhh!

Castle Argghhh! Satisfying the need for Gun Pr0n since 2003!

is still there, though...

Not there at *your* end.  Still here at *this* end.
Disgusting how they are trying to turn remembering the terrorist attacks of 9/11 to their own purposes...
I see the ad.  At first I thought it had to do with being in the ME, but since I can see it, it must have something to do with Uncle Bill's sat downlink.  Oh, and I do use a VPN that makes it look like I'm in San Fransisco; might explain the diff.
Interesting. i dont have it either
Click through and tell them that, Miss L.
The Sierra Club wimped out on their principles a while back.  Some of their members pointed out that letting everybody and his dog into the country would inevitably cause lots of stress on the remaining wild places.  Those people got shut down by the politically correct smug folks on the board.
P.s. Oh, and further: Edward Abbey, he of the Monkey Wrench Gang, famously said that we should grab every Mexican invader, give him a rifle and a thousand rounds, and send him home to finish his revolution.  The guys who run Mexico have been shoving their annoying lower-class folks across the border for a long time. One of the things I dislike about the Bush family is how buddy-buddy they are with the guys who run Mexico.
JTG - check yer email, dood.
Not there at *your* end. Still here at *this* end.

Fine. *You* click the dadgummed thing, then. I'll just keep exiting via the Military Hive link...

The Sierra Club wimped out on their principles a while back.

They're still screaming at the EPA to ban lead bullets, though. Evidently, they think the phrase "Eat lead" refers to wild critters munching paint chips.

email read, and answered.
I see it too.  Right up on the top.
I see it. Used to belong, left decades ago. Not clicking. Sorry, John.
Oh, I did click on it. My opinion of what I saw, in a word? Silly.
I see the ad!

I clicked the ad!

"Let us know how you serve..."

"I serve by recycling -- I help turn those who would harm my fellow countrymen into worm food."
Oo! oo! I see it now!

And I clicked it! And I went to check out an event and........

Nothing within <i>200 miles</i> of where I live.

Oh well. Guess I'll go back to not caring about the Sierra Club.
Hey, there's nothing SC-ish going on within 6,000 miles of where I am -- whiskey tango foxtrot, over?
That must be tough, Bill. You'll just have to struggle on. Or start your own chapter, I suppose. :D
I like to post targets to a tree on the "Tick Farm" teach the kids and grandkids to shoot, and by doing so .. eventually cut the tree down.