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So... while I've been busier'n a one-legged man in...

...a butt-kicking contest, Boq and Bill have kept the lights on for you.  And I see that the largest ever Klan rally (hey, that must be what it was out there with Grand Dragon Beck, since the lefty blogs and newsies all said so) ever held anywhere didn't result in any lynchings, beatings, or even a burned car or broken store window.  No reports of burning crosses, either.

I didn't realize my Gadsden Flag meant that I wore a really pointed white hoodie, but, hey, that's what our betters tell us so it must be true, neh?

Aside from some work-related travel to Virginia last week, this weekend was consumed with preparing for the new recruit class.  Command Sergeant Major Kiki having been medically retired, the Exterior Guard needed some new blood.  So, Guard Captain Gunner and Sergeant Buffy the Coyote Slayer are conducting another round of Castle Guard Basic Training. 

Yesterday thus finds us driving through foreign lands as we drove east for 5 hours to Rosebud, Missouri and picked up Recruit Private Nameless.  That fact, her namelessness, gave me an earbug all the way home... "Oh I drove through Missouri with a dog with no name..." 

Actually, because it was in the 90's she rode in SWWBO's lap the whole way, rather than in the carrier in the back of the truck.  She spent 30 minutes in the carrier and was damn near swimming in drool.  Having also ralphed, pooped, and peed, it was determined to be safe to bring her into the cab to ride with SWWBO and do a little bonding that didn't involve excreta or ejecta. We also took the opportunity to swing through Hermann and pick up a case of Hermannsberg wine from the Stone Hill Winery.

Anyway - meet Recruit Private Nameless this morning as she ventures onto the drill field for the first time, after that long, exhausting trip and scary night spent in the bathroom surrounded by strange smells and noises to train for her new duty position: Castle Guard Force (Exterior).

Those of you who have done the whole basic training thing now how tentative recruits tend to be when they first meet the training cadre...  in this case Guard Captain Gunner and Sergeant Buffy.  Off camera to the right, Agriculture 6 watches with narrowed eyes as she assesses the professionalism of the Cadre.  Admittedly, most recruits at Basic don't pee themselves, but they also aren't facing a drill cadre with real canine teeth who will actually bite the recruits, either.

Recruit Private Nameless doesn't quite get the idea when Sergeant Buffy gives her the order to "Eat Dirt, Recruit!"  Ag6 is providing guidance, hence the focus of Guard Captain Gunner and Sergeant Buffy.

Recruit Private Nameless is a Komondor-Great Pyrenees mix.  Think a polar-bear-sized Sasquatch when she passes out of puppyhood.  That boxer who comes to visit and we suspect, dine on the occasional chicken, might think twice if the Goon Squad comes after him.


I think "White Bag" would be a good name, given her "explosive" nature.  LOL

Komondor/Pyrenees mix? Call her KP...!
When she's big enough to start throwing her weight around she might well think 'half - Komondor' ranks higher than Captain...

A Komondor-Great Pyrenees mix? Awwwww, she's a lapdog!

And when she gets bigger, she'll break whoever's lap she climbs onto...

Hey KP is great. Has a good command first syllable which is easy for the new recruit to discern.

How old is this pup? Looks to be about 6 months.
 She is already to big to be a lap dog, it was a very long drive home with her trying to stay on my lap!  She's a big-boned, heavy girl.  And is now a clean puppy, though she was not thrilled with the bath.
 She was born on June 9th.  She is not yet 3 months old.  She is gonna be a big girl!
Sasquatch. Grendel. Yeti. Bigfoot....

She may not be a lapdog, but in six months or so you can probably use her as a couch.
I'm thinking Gudrun, or Boudicca,  Wait, I  have it!  Gunhilde!
 Hmmm. well, Hilda might be okay.  I'll have to think.
Well, in the spirit of Flower the skunk and Little John the giant, maybe she should be Gumdrop or Tiny?  Think of the cognitive dissonance in the predator population when they find out the giant bearing down on them is called "Tiny"!
Always a good idea to display the appropriate submissive posture when you are the new dog in town, and a puppy to boot.  When she's grown, she can run for sheriff and run the entire demense.
How 'bout Gunivere?
She is adorable!!! 
Charles, didn't you see the spammer-fee warning?
Hmm, Daisy would be good, too.  Nice plosive start to it, with lotsa high freqs to get the girl's attention. Really, though, I'm for holding off until you get some idea of her character, instead of just her appearance.
I sent him a bill, JTG.  I should also send one to the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce...
How about Chichevache?
I'd like to thank Bloodspite for that vivid example of frontier gibberish...
Hey you got me channeling RPG mythos, I figured why not throw a Chaucer creature in to the mix for names :)
 On this name thing - we already have one dog named Gunner, so anything with "Gun" in it will likely confuse the dogs and me!

Oh, and It has to be something that easily rolls off the tongue, and that I don't have to look up to figure out how to pronounce!
Oh, just to get on yer nerves, Beth, you should teach her her name while she's still young, so that she'll learn it right, but you will have a weird time deciding on a good name for her. Get to work, you!