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One again, Bill has gotten older.

Amazing how that is.  Of course, according to a secret calendar in a Mayan tomb, Bill's been wandering the Big Blue Marble since before the moon showed up in the sky.  The Mayans claim Bill did it because he was too lazy to build a reading fire.

Anyway, since Bill has actually shown up for work *two days in a row* I thought I'd score him a matched set of knives, to be delivered by with this matched set of beverage containers holders.

I was going to have Princess Crabby deliver 'em, but it turns out she has plans to mug the Ranger Up! guys at the UFC Expo in Boston this weekend. 


Snork! I thought that evverbody knew that Russky vodka bottles didn't have corks in them, just flimsy foil seals.  I mean, you don't want to impose even a slight delay  on the consumers sucking up the stuff. That might bring about social unrest.
Oh, I just looked at the beverage holders.  Are you trying to kill the old guy?
Yeah, what Jtg said! No brunettes? No redheads? I'm *dyin'* here...
About those beverage holders........word on the street is that Mr. DeBille has picked up a bad habit or two lately.
Got milk?  LOL
I wanna know who's been hawking the Official Sugarbuttons Brigade T-shirts...
Happy Birthday!  Lotsa Breyer's Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream, accompanied by your favorite book. 
Happy Birthday Bill...what a great reason to head for a bar and have a drink in your name. Most times I have no reason. Thanks.
Too bad he's in Iraq and prolly can't easily get a good drink ;-)

Happy Birthday, Bill!  Package in the mail (late, of course), hope you have hada good day :-)
Nope, no drinks, Barb.

No redheads, brunettes, or mint chocolate chip ice cream, either, but the PX/BX just restocked with German coffee!

And no booms, either -- life is good...
Happy Global Domination Phase 1 Completion Day, Bill!

Now if we can ever get Phase 2 in operation we'll be set...
I give you... a trip to New Orleans, to visit the House of the Rising Sun!

It's been the ruin of many a poor boy...
Oh, Mr. DeBille knows that place well.  He drew up the original blueprints.
Dark Lord of Androgyny Sly should at least appreciate the blades...
Happy birthday, Bill! May you have many more years of overworking guardian angels and teaching people to fly.
Happy Birthday, SugarButtonsl!!!!
Ditto Saker's comment.  Happy Birthday, Bill!
Happy Birthday, Bill!  I really do need to mark my calendar elsewhere, so I realize when this day approaches... Peanut brittle?
Oh, yeah, Bill, I almost forgot: Many happy returns of the day, and confusion to your enemies!
Thanks, kids! But before I can start confusing my enemies, I've gotta reach the point where I stop confusing myself...

Did someone mention peanut brittle?