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New product line for SWWBO?

Pre-processed medical marijuana pellets for the OTC medical weed trade now popping up all over as municipalities and states look for new revenue streams? Guaranteed they won't smoke 'em...

I mean, gosh - this would just be value-added from the bunnies she already has, and might make 'em easier to pluck, too!


*organically* pre-processed, no less! Add that to the promo hype...!
Pot-bellied pigs... pot-bellied bunnies.

And here I always thought it had something to do with girth.  WHO KNEW?
"Dang, caught! Alright, who is the *Big Mouth* around here?" 
Remember the joke about the smart pills?  Maybe we could market them as mellow pills.
"Dood -- I can *taste* the colors..."
On the menu today:

Herb stuffed rabbit.
Dood...I can not only taste them, I can hear them.  Wow.
Off topic, but why the hell is Chief (Ret,) Bill not one of the Senators from New Joisey?

I mean, I think he's smarter than I am, and I have a comfortably 3-digit IQ, and I'm quite certain he knows more than I do, both with respect to skills and facts, and has demonstrated kewlness&manliness on many occasions.  Instead, we get people like Lautenberg?