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Love, USMC style....

It's a tough love...

H/t, DL Sly


Lots of french kissin' goin' on there.  I'm sure that's why all those mouths are wide open.
You want a demonstration, toots?
Kinda makes me homesick.
"Kinda makes me homesick."

I'm kinda hoping you mean the later weeks of Recruit Training and not the first 3.

If so, I'm good!

Semper Fi,
Must admit that there was nothing like that at Ft. Polk's School for Wayward Boys back in 1976.  I'm glad I did 11Bravo OSUT, but I think once is enough.  Everyone should have the honor.

As always, my best wishes to Uncle Sam's Misguided Children.

Semper Fi, Remember the Alamo!