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Colombian Recruitment Video

Last January, I made a snarky quip on the style and form of a Japanese Navy Recruitment Video.  Contrast, if you will, the stylistically differences between these two recruitment videos:

Now - I don;t want to be culturally insensitive, but which clip relies more on gonadical fortitude?  Me  thinks the Colombian; but that may be just me.

This latter clip was just made by the Colombian Army in celebration of its Bicentenial year of foundation.



Great ad - but they need to not bunch up into a machine-gunner's wet dream.
John,  I'm sure the bunching was artistic license of the director in order to show the camaraderie and team work of the soldiers...

Anyway, after watching (the Columbian, not the Japanese video); I wanted to sign up myself (aches, pains, extra weight, old age and all)!

BTW, the saving the family scene was a nice touch to remind the hand-wringing liberals of all societies that if there are no sheepdogs, who's going to protect the sheep from the wolves, which will always be among us?
Cool vid. I'm stealing that.

Uh, the Ejericito de Colombia one...

Loadr - I can't help it. When I see soldiers bunched up like that...  another bit of anachronism in it - I'm really thinking that the guys who carried muskets didn't carry them like they were M4s.

Don't get me wrong, I like the video for all the reasons you guys do - I just notice these things.  Of course, I'm blind to so much else...

Well, to get the full effect you have to run both videos at the same time.  The Japanese one ran out of steam and got really boring.  Like an MTV vid. Tthe Colombian one...well, that was rather fun to watch.  Like a movie.  You got a sense of purpose, comraderie and mission, and even a little suspense.  It was well done.

WOW BOQ...English subtitles...very cool. Being able to understand what was said made me enjoy the piece even more. That was very slick.

Yeah they were bunched up and yeah no one hit the deck when the arty went off real close...but hey...that's Hollywood...but it was a very nice tribute to the Columbian Army.
The Colombian one, too!
BOQ, *Be glad, you have the 'gonads, on which to base  your fortitude.* Remember, one good shot can adjust that very same base. This last sentence was just a thought, not a hope.
Yep, with John on the weapons. The reason you carried them old heavy blunderbesses in a modified port arms was so you could use the buttplate as the third point of contact with the dirt when you dropped prone to return fire.

I'd love to see one of those guys try to tote a BAR in that M4-carry for about 500 meters through the woods...
Whaaat - Do Narco Hippos carry PKM's now-a-days?

You can tell that they used real soldiers for all the historical shots.  They've been all drilled into their psyche how to carry their M4's and Galils.  I guess that they didn't bother to read the 1819 Arms Drill, for the video shoot.  Oh well.  At least their gloves were nice and white.

And for the taking care of the family, I can personally attest, that contrary to all the leftist tripe about "human rights" violations, it is Their Army who does the protecting of the countryside.  While the narcoterrorists, are the one's doing all the mayhem and atrocities.  don't get me started.

Oh Fishmuggy, I just whipped the translation in my Windows Movie Maker.
First, BOQ, thanx for the link to the earlier post....guess I either missed it or forgot seeing it...very impressive!

Second:  Impressed.  I am.  Yes, it was all Hollywood presentation, they bunched up and didn't duck, even, when they should have been trying to get cozy with earthworms, but that is an .impressive.military.force.

Good video from the Colombians; I hope the UH-60 pilot was expecting that pyro in the river just as he flew over.
Yup. That was the cue to break from trail into combat spread. Watch number two -- he angles to his left, but maintains altitude.

Guaranteed they did at least two dry runs on that one.
That was quite good.

I've seen the er fun Japanese one before.
Off the top of my head, I thought the Colombian ad could be pretty much interchangeable with a US Army or USMC one.  On reflection, I can't think of any higher praise than that.
Before I got involved in "The Bidnez", I used to go alot to Colombia to promote the consumption of US Grown Cotton.  While doing that, I got intimately involved with their TV and Ad Production industry.  Unlike the Ecuadoreans or others in Latin America, the Colombians are at par with any US or Western European in the quality of their media production.