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Caption Contest - There Will Be Kneecaps Up To Arseh*les Edtion

I wonder whether she's channeling Gunny Ermey ( Warning: Strong Language in Link).



Are you eyeballing me, marine?

You, #2, how tall are you?  I bet I could where your unifrom and not even have to have it altered!
Marines: (Don't make eye contact, don't make eye contact ....)
Little Girl:  "...and you get to play in the world's biggest Sandbox!  I LOVE THE CORPS!"
"On the count of 3 you may begin the obstacle course for the right to escort me to Prom....1......2.....2 and a half...."
Odd that "The Gunny" should come up today.  I'm trying to make time to go see him while he's in town tomorrow.
Right, which one of you pee'd on the toilet seat?
 So, y'all wish you were Strathconas?

"Just because you're all prettied up don't mean you ain't working. I'm a tot and I want my toys. Go out and get excuses".

(It's really difficult to quote something to a Marine and keep it within the rules)
"I requested a Unicorn, and you bring me that? Just how exactly stupid do you think I am? That is NOT a Unicorn. That is a pony with a sorry looking dogcart; I requested a phaeton. Get busy and bring me my Unicorn! With a proper high flyer! Preferably colored to match my frock, but scarlet and gold will do. Why are you standing here?  'Shun, DISMISS!"
"My mommy says you kill babies. Will you come take care of my baby brother? He's taking all of mommy's attention away!"
#4 Are you eyeballin' me? I don't like it when someone eyeballs me!

Drop and give me 20!
I always knew that PEARL would make an excellent Drill Instructor
Let me get this straight. Father has taken all three of the unicorns, and the phaeton, it is not a matter of your being unwilling to obtain them. Very well. We must make do with the dogcart. #4, you said that you knew how to drive a troika? Never mind, my steeds understand the Royal Tongue. Bits and reins will not be needed. Harnesses will have to be rigged; three of you in matching PT gear, it doesn't matter, with the bearskins. One of you between the shafts, one on either side, unless you think better, #4. You will also drive. Full uniforms and arms in the boot, you may shower and dress in the barn when we arrive at the ball, #4 is going to be my escort. NONE of you will flirt with the Imperial Princess. Understood? NUMBER TWO! Very well. To work, gentlemen!

I don't know and I can't imagine what roused her (unfortunate for them) attention, but............

"What part of 'bends and mothers, forever' do you not understand?"

The NCO's and the Lance Corporal look like they have 'been there, done that, got the shirt'.

The PFC? Not so much. To his credit he is looking to his right for guidance.

Semper Fi my Brothers!

rikkochet wins the thread.
So far I think htom is in the lead... :)

Yup, Casey, on more recent consideration, I think you have the right of it.
 The one thing a Marine fears.....
Thank you. Too much Georgette Heyer in my youth (I read anything and everything.)
"Who said, 'Old Iron Pants!"
That wasn't Georgette Heyer. That was John Wiley's "Bizarre", and the 'pony people'.

 "Your mothers all wear Army boots."

Dang, Cap'n, do you mean "John Willy?"  We really shouldn't refer to, you know, this being a family site.