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Testosteroneal Deficient Rides A Bike

Behold - The Testosteroneal Deficit in The White House is evident. 

It's a sweet ride though.  I bet he loooves to ring that Hello Kitty Bell.

(go ahead, click it)


[Armorer sneeks in]

I thought Boq was going to do a compare and contrast with another World Leader on Vacation...

[Closes door quietly on way out]

25 Comments that not a girls bike?
Mugger, I think that was Boq's point. :)

The color-coordinated bike helmet is just too precious for words...

...Come to think of it, I'm surprised there's no training wheels.

He's got a death-grip on those handlebars...
Heee - Must be then "Good-bye Kitty" as he squeezes the blinking life our her.
We're doing a little "caption this" on the bike pic over here
My favorite so far: "Wheeee, I'm going down hill.  Just like the economy!"
ai caramba, are we calling putin a "world leader" on this redneck infested blog? what is happening to america?
Obama rides to the negotiating table to confront Putin about Iran and North Korea.   I'm sure the "ding-ding-ding" of the bike's bell will get Putin's attention!  LOL

Obama's national security.  We're screwed.

Earning yet another merit badge on the Yellow Heart trail.
Earning yet another merit badge for safety on the Yellow Heart trail!

It's great to have a President who rides a bike like he throws a baseball. 
My wife insists that I wear a bike helmet when I ride my mountain bike.  The helmet is black.  Would a woodland pattern camo cover from an old Kevlar be in bad taste for the bike helmet?  I've been out of the Army for 10 years, and I really dislike that damn bike helmet.

I just want to be on the cutting edge of non-dweeb fashion.
@MAJ Mike:  Wear. the. freaking. helmet.  Camo if you like, but WEAR THE FREAKING  HELMET!  You may think you're perfect and will never fall down, or invincible and may fall but will never get hurt.  Your wife can post and let us know how you're doing when it happens...I'm a rider (motorcycles, not bicycles) and I wouldn't go around the block without a helmet (full face, BTW).

Which brings to mind, on the drive home tonite, I passed a neighbor, pedaling up a 3 mile hill to home...easy slope, but 3 miles long...wearing T-Shirt, exercise shorts and "sport shoes"...and a helmet...OBTW did I forget to mention he's a USMC Vietnam Vet?  Vietnam didn't kill him, but he's not gonna let a little fall on a bicycle do him in now.
Anybody recognize that piece that Putin is carrying?
Looks like a crossbow to me. 

Oh! Oh! Oh! If I'm right does it count as figuring out a whatziss?

No? Dagnabbit all.
Comrade Putin is holding a pneumatic harpoon gun, with a bolt designed to remove and secure a piece of skin from the target (whale)... the skin bit- from wot I've read- can tell researchers many things. Compare and contrast to the Japanese methods of whale 'research'...!
@MAJ Mike-  With all due respect, if you went down on a bike not wearing a helmet, all of us enlisted men would whisper among the ranks: "There goes another officer who thought he was smarter than God..."

Now, sir, y'all wouldn't want THAT to happen, would you sir?

And if THIS ever luvin' Marine/Army (yeah, service X2) Infantry Sergeant wears a bike helmet, I'm sure that it would be quite acceptible for you zeroes to as well!  Gunny Ermy would agree with me!

(I talk smack, but only because I join the others who desire you to be around to talk smack to for a very long time, so please, wear your PPE. Semper Fi.)

eric: I'd say Putin is as much a World Leader as Teh Won. :)

11B40: Spew!! Beer on the keyboard. Good one.

LaMigra: I used to bicycle cross-country here in Southwest Ohio back in my youth (best trip, 56 miles round trip from south of Fairfield to Oxford, then back, in the middle of July with high in the 90s), and I never, ever wore a helmet. Hell, I faced greater dangers from semis blowing by me 5 feet away, or rednecks who thought I was a target. I've had several falls, and have injured my ankles, knees, palms, shoulders, and elbows, but never came close to hitting my head on anything. Helmets provide a benefit if and only if you suffer from a head injury. Bicycling is not the same as motorcycling. For one thing, our bikes are light enough to carry on one shoulder. :) For another, we can't go 60 miles/hour while pretending we're "MAVERICK" in TOPGUN.

And dogs. Almost forgot the dogs. I suppose I throw the helmet at them when they chased me. :)

Me, I'm more concerned with folks who don't include reflective items or lights when they bike during poor light conditions.

I decided to google bicycle helmets while commenting, and found this. Among other goodies, the author cites sources which indicate that when helmet use increased, so did head injuries. The author also wrote an article on how to ride safely. Oddly enough, I follow most of those practices. The exceptions relate to the fact that I generally ride in suburban or exurban environments.

For those who don't like to follow links, I quote the above author's conclusions:

* Bicycle helmets probably have some protective value, but not nearly as much as has been claimed, or most people seem to think.
* Wearing a helmet does nothing to prevent you from being hit by a car.
* Real bicycle safety involves learning how to ride properly.
* Crash helmets could easily save more lives for motorists than bicyclists.
* Helmet laws restrict freedom of choice, may result in the targeting of minorities, discourage cycling, make cycling more dangerous for those who remain, and shift the blame in car-bike collisions to helmetless cyclists even if it was the motorist who was at fault.

Would a woodland pattern camo cover from an old Kevlar be in bad taste for the bike helmet?


Only in the New, Improved Army would someone refer to a K-pot as "old"...


Obama is rockin' the Mom-jeans... !

HEY!  BillT:  My Kevlar's 20 years old.   IT IS OLD!!!  JUST LIKE ME!!!

Hell, I still have my OLD Steel Pot and liner (with the original camo cover,too)!!

......and my Woodland BDU's still fit!
Oh, wow -- your BDUs still fit? You mean, the ones from the '90s?

I still look *great* in my jungle fatigues. From 1969...

You kids are so cute when you try to claim you're *oooooooooold*...
Hell, my helmets didn't fit then, and they haven't gotten any better since I let the hair grow out...  I look like Sergeant Schulz if I put a kevlar helmet on.
And that's different from looking like him when you're *not* wearing one -- how?
C'mon, John, we know that you had to have a prescription helmet for that huge head, which you got to take home with you!  Please, show us a pic of that Size 10 hat! I am not  saying that this is a bad thing; I am happy that you have two brains in there.
P.s.  People who have arrived here only recently might not  be familiar with, nor appreciate the Badass Battery-Commander Brain of our host, of which he has showed a bit, over the years, but not so much recently.  This is a guy who required his men to qualify with their personal weapons, artillerymen that they were, in case  they were about to get overrun, or something.