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We Likes the Ladies...

…and sometimes the Ladies likes us right back. For some strange, arcane reason, I seem to draw Lady Lurkers (and you *know* who you are) out from behind the draperies to comment.

I still remember the first shy, fragile creature who ventured hesitantly forth to join in a comment party once upon a long ago…

Lex took back the plane after the kill and I tried to tell myself I was just a little dizzy and overwhelmed.

Ummmmmm – okay, so she’s become a lot *less* fragile since then.

But she’s still the sailor doxie she was when she first popped out from behind the Made-in-Taiwan knock-off of the Bayeux Tapestry in the Jungle Room and pulled a (virtual) sawed-off shotgun on Neffi, and


Yes! USO Girl, Sailor Doxie (gotta rub that in), Sheepdog Caretaker, charter member of the SugarButtons Brigade, and All-American Valour-ous-IT’ing Soldier’s Angel --

Fuzzybear Lioness!

And she's finally taken my hint to let her hair grow out.

The ash-blonde tint is a nice touch, but I'm not sure the mullet is, y'know, *her* look...



You know that the only reason you aren't already dead is that she loves you, right? :)

...But she does look kinda cute with that au naturale thingy going on. Kinda cute'n'cuddly, don'tcha know?

Well, she *did* try to drown me in the hot tub once, but BCR had hyperoxygenated the water and Cricket yanked me out for playing on the bottom too long.

Ummmm -- the bottom of the *hot tub*.

Just thought I'd eliminate any misapprehensionosity about *which* bottom. Or whose...
How has Fuzzybear been doing of late?  I don't recall seeing her pixels round here recently, and her own blog has been sadly un-updated for many moons.
She's been hiding over at Lex's place -- it's that whole "sailor doxie" thang she's got going on.

Yeah, I am soooooooo dead for that...
In whatever liar you are absconding, FBL, I wish you the best.  Happy B-Day Fuzz!
I'm sure Boq meant "lair"...

Happy B-Day, FuzzyBee!
Indeed! Happy Birthday Fuzz! many years are you exactly in feline sailor doxie years? Do they even have a specified measurement?

Or shall we just stick with 18 and holding? :)
You mean... that 12-gauge was only *virtual*?!! Well, dangit... Happy B-day, Fuzzbutt!
Good to see that BillT got his oar in first. Happy Birthday Fuzzybear.
Happy Birthday Fuzz.
Awww.... what a beautiful way to start the day.  Thanks so much, guys!  I do miss interacting with you all on my blog, and it was so nice to see you're still out there.  I'm sititng here grinning at the memories you stirred.  For instance, I'd forgotten about that exchange with Neffi.  :D  I'd do it again, too.  :P  One little correction, though, it was Bill who tried to drown ME in the hot tub.  Like I'd forget THAT!

And yes, Casey is SOOOO right. 

Thanks guys!  A perfect start to my birthday.  *hugs everyone*

Happy Birthday FbL
Hoppy Birfday Fuzzy!!!

Have a wonderful week!  (I've missed days in the past, so I'm spreading it out a bit...)
it was Bill who tried to drown ME in the hot tub.

Nuh-uuuuuh. I only tossed you in to test the theory that hyperoxygenated water would have an exponential increase over normal water in affecting the adherence of your T-shirt.

Not. My. Fault. that you're too short to stand up in a hot tub...
As a note of warning, it looks like Massa John's natal day is approaching.
Happy Birthday, Fuzzy!!
Happy Birthday, FbL!  What would you like from BCR Labs?  Your ground-based chandelier needs upgrading.  We could motorize it for travel (maybe with treads, or mechanical spider legs like the robot Big Dog has) or now that you are a graduate of the Lex School of Air Combat, flying capabilities?  NOBODY expects a chandelier at 10K altitude.
Happy birthday, FbL!
Happy birthday!
"Happy Birthday, FbL! Look out World, here she comes. She is just coming into the 'prime of life.'*
Happy Birthday, FuzzyBee! 
Thanks so much, everybody.  You gave me tons of smiles!

BCR, the chandelier at 10K sounds awesome!  You'll need to install a good auto-clean system, though... :P
"Sailor doxie", hell! She is qualified to be a full member of the Tailhook Association, having been both trapped and shot! 
Oh, who was that masked man with the rifle? I see no liver spots, wrinkles, or prominent veins on the left hand, so it couldn't possibly be Our Bill. Good style with the rifle, though, loose grip on the fore-end and what appears a good cheek weld, near as I can tell with the obscuring.
Excellent point, JTG!  I forgot about that...
I mean, I forgot about the Tailhook aspect, not the experience as a whole, haha!

And I don't know who is holding the rifle, but I like his hands!!!  They look big and strong and well-controlled...  *partial swoon*

Yes, as longtime Fuzzilicious Thinking readers will know, I have a thing for hands.  *happy sigh*  I blame it on my musical training.  :P
Yah, me too. I used to be a bandsman. I think it makes me a better pistol shooter. You know, move one finger and hold the others still, etc.
Soooooo, what *does* happen at Band Camp, Jtg?
Sorry I missed your birthday, Fuzzy!  Hope you had a great one :-)