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Ticks On A Hog - Part Deux

A year to the date in which I B*tched *er* BLOGGED on how much carpet baggers *er* public servants are raping the coffers of the State of California, a new reminder surfaces in the City of Bell, California.


But don't worry, the good citizens of California will keep paying him $600,000 per year for the rest of his natural life.  Article: HERE


Couldn't the citizens of the state repudiate the slop on this retirement as a usury?

... On the other hand, could you think of a better device to create to paralyze the Liberal Agenda




Bell is 2.5 square miles in area with a population of about 40,000 -- of which, fewer than 400 voters bothered to participate in a recent special election.

The three officials -- police chief, the city manager, and the assistant city manager -- had a combined salary of $1.7 million -- with 12% pay raises each year. Each *part-time* city council member collects $100K per annum.

My township in NJ is *six times* Bell's size, with a population of about 40,000 -- of which, about 7,000 voters is a typical turnout for *any* election.

The *combined* salaries of the mayor, township manager, town council members, the entire police force, sanitation, and building and grounds personnel -- in short, *everyone* who works at town hall -- is about $1.5 million, and we make them justify every penny of it.

Congratulations, Bell -- you did it to yourself.
The Mayor from the City of Bell comes out and says, "I give these people the best service." Would somebody, please, tell a dumb Vet a few things. What is service? Is there a money vs quality of service balance or relationship? What do you do when it gets out of balance?  Is voting them out of office, your only recourse?
Is it ok to use petroleum tar, the kind we have these days, to adhere the feathers to people like that, or should we insist on using the good old-fashioned Stockholm pine tar?