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The Whatziss, Round II

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 I don't know the proper name for the part, and I'm only hazarding a guess at this point.

I'd say it's the "nut" that holds a sprocket/wheel in place for a tank tread of some kind.  We're probably looking at the inside of it... the side that would be placed against the end of the axel.  

 Hmmmm.  I guess it could also be part of a pressure fitting for some sort of hydraulic line.  Now that I think about it I own something similar from the hydraulic line coupler on the Pershing II missile erector assembly.  (Yeah, dad was a redleg.)
Hmmm, it looks something not unlike the base for a multi-element radio antenna like the old RC-292. 
Whatever it is, the spike shown in the previous photo spike it to the ground. I suspect  a 'foot" or base for some kind of piece of artillery. The "spikes" have hex/square heads so they can be "driven" into the ground and possibly loosened for removal afterwards.

Or it could be the Spitzensparker for a blucher.
"Or it could be the Spitzensparker for a blucher."


Just sayin'.


Ooooo, movie references!
 Laughing @ the Young Frankenstein movie reference.  One of my all time favorite movies.
It's a Christmas tree stand.
Fred hast recht.
Say, why did Bill's post get disappeared?
It did?  What post are you talking about?
Wire rope terminus for a pole or tower antenna guy wires.
Mounting bracket for a Disgromifacator.
Being the nearest thing you got to an RTO I'm gonna say its a mast anchor not a base for  the antenna element ( no provision for the radials or feedpoint) The color kinda reminds me of old sovtec stuff and it does have that sovtec simple and strong look to it. BTW a spitzensparken goes with a telefunken.
"BTW a spitzensparken goes with a telefunken. "

You light your cigars your way, we'll light em  ours.
It was a post about "The Ladies" which was sorta-up for a little while.
Jtg, are you sure you're not prescient? That must be FbL's birthday post you had a vision of, and it'll trigger on her birthday.

BTW, Happy Birthday (in advance), Fuzzybee!