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The Whatziss - joining the pieces.

Of course, not all of them, yet. If you need to catch up, click here.


Let your imaginations run free!


Lawn aerator.
Okay, I'll buy off on the "base for a mast" theory.  Gotta be European, though.  Haven't ever seen anything like that in a US inventory.
Caltrop from the Jurassic era...
Really Neffi?  Wouldn't it have *stone* prongs, vice machined steel?  You know Bill hadn't invented the lathe yet.

There doesn't seem to be any way to hold the tongs in the hub, so i doubt it can be used on anything that rotates, so I stand with the "Place on the ground, drive in spikes to secure" bit.

I've also thought it might be a digging tool for Radix Lecti.

Some kind of propeller hub?
Blades for the hubs of the  chariot of arrgh.
Obviously it would unscrew itself from the ground if it took a torque in the wrong direction. Maybe this is part of a gizmo which has another of these, the other one being left-handed. 
Antenna holder for a two-niner-two.