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The New Castle Flag has arrived

Ah, nothing like the smell of smug self-indulgence in the morning.
It smells like narcissism...


Yes, it's white.  It offers an homage to it's inspiration, the Gonzales Flag.  When these wear out, I'll probably get ones made that are yellow-on-red.  Then, maybe red-on-yellow.  Or, as an homage to my Irish roots, white-on-green.

I got jury duty.  Need to scoot to see if I get insta-culled from the jury pool.  Hope not.  I haven't done a civilian trial, only courts-martial.


You don't have a prayer of making the jury.  The closest I ever got was voir dire.  That military justice experience is a guarantee of a challenge.  No lawyer wants knowledgable people on the panel.
Gold on scarlet, for the Jarhead fans.
I really like the "Come and take it" . Is it borrowed from another source or did you come up with it yourself?

Molon Labe would be better Mu Omikron Lamda Omega Nu   Lamda Alpha Beta Epsilon in Greek letters would be most cool.  All Caps in blood red I should think.

Please go with the "gold & scarlet" option suggested above.  You don't want to fall into the "what isn't red is yellow" category.   
Works for me! Snazzy.
<a href="">The Gonzales Flag</a> 
Just a little Texas history...
Smug? Self-indulgence? There you go, using yer NT brain again. It's perfectly Ok to hot-swap to the other one you have in there, and just geek out.
It smells like narcissism...

I *like* narcissisms. Especially the ones with deep gold strumpets.

Don  - the Gonzales Flag from the Texas War of Indendence featured a white flag, with a black cannon on it, with the words, "Come and Take It" on it.  I suspect that the Texians were harkening back to Thermopylae, where, when Xerxes told the Spartans to surrender their arms, responded "Molon Labe" - come and take them.

Hence all the greekishness in the comments.
That's all well and good, Major, but vexillologists  recommend that flags have no legends on them, and be of simple distinctive design, so as to be easily recognizable at a distance.

For the next iteration, I recommend Artillery Red for the field, with the rest in black, except for gold for the cannons. The latter is a problem though, as the guns appear to be Columbiads, which came only in cast iron, not bronze. Owhell, one can mess with accurate depictions for the sake of cool heraldry and vexillology.
JTG - when yer payin' for it, you can design it.

8 ^)
Yesser, Yesser, Three Bags Full,  but I betcha it will still look like a plain white flag, with grease spots, at a distance of a mile, or so. Sorry, Sir, just posting it invites criticism. 

I love the sentiments and the design, I just deplore the lack of color.
I tried posting this link earlier today.  Guess it got eaten up somehow... A little bit of Texas history...
Argghhh!  [big honkin' JTG-crushing boot appears]

look like a plain white flag, with grease spots

You just said it looks like a french napkin!  No more gun-room privileges for you!

JTG and JimC, your ideas are similar to mine when I came up with this design for John a while back:
Oh, we can't have that, Frank.  JTG does not approve of any verbiage on flags.
Yeah ... probably too wordy for JTG.  LOL
After seeing that, I'm glad you didn't go with my attempt.  That looks 100 times better.
 I'd be careful with using Greek letters. You don't want a bunch of confused KU co-eds showing up on your porch . . . or do you?
No, really, I like the words on the Gadsden Flag you gave me, but they look funny from the back side, and are hard to make out from a distance.  Now, as a banner to hang on the wall, yer new flag is first-rate.  There's a principle involved, here.  OK, guidons have letters and numbers on them, I'll give you that. I'd just like to see some color in yer colors.
Not many would continue an argument with me when their words are muffled by the Great Boot of Doom, JTG. 


The next version will have color.  That was always the plan.  But this was the cheapest way to see if the overall quality of the manufacturer was up to snuff without spending more coin.
The next version will have color.

You can Ted Turner this version -- use acrylic paint thinned to the consistency of a cup of my coffee and stay inside the lines...

Heh.  There's a reason I built armored vehicle models, Bill, and not aircraft.  Don't have to stay in the lines.
Wow, John! Did you blow them up with firecrackers, too?  I betcha that's why you sneer at the Armor guys.