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Source Of The WikiLeaks Flushed

Leave it to The Marines to *er* flush out the source of the WikiLeaks




Glad somebody's on top of this shit. (Pun intended).
Haha! That's hilarious.

Prison for Manning is really a waste of money. Just flip a coin to see who gets to kick the crap out of him first- the intel community or the guys on the ground.
I advocate hard prison time for Manning... if he's sharing a cell and work assignment with Sandy Berger.

Otherwise, Saker's plan works.  Let 'im run the gauntlet!
Did anyone notice that the LibCong got upset over the leaking of the JournoList e-mails, but didn't care about Sarah Palin's private e-mails or Secret material leaked via Wikileaks?

Guess it involves bulls and which one's are gored.