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Seeking Advice on a holster, and other news

Reader Jim B has a personal stake in the war, and sends us this request.  In truth, I don't have an opinion or good knowledge.  This stuff is too new for my interests or personal experience...
 I had a phone request for a shoulder hoster  that would accomodate a Beretta 92 with a light. I need to get one and ship it to a friend in the 'Stan ASAP. The only purpose for a side arm is to buy time to fight your way to your rifle. When you are in a combat outpost, you sleep a little better (although not heavily) when you know your pistol is strapped to your body.
I need suggestions as to which one to buy, I need it quick

Jim B
Just leave your suggestions in the comments.  [N.B.: If you leave links (encouraged) the comment will most likely get held for moderation.  I'll be checking now and again for those comments that get put in spam-jail]

In other news -have you seen this man?  If so, call Sheriff Joe Arpaio...


Check out this site - the offer a holster for the 92 w/laser sights.

Can't vouch for it, but it looks like it will work.

Personally I love the Blackhawk SERPA line of holsters. Obviously YMMV but I have found them to be extremely durable, and versatile. Specifically regarding your request this will probably fit the bill.
1. Needs to be specific on the light that's attached.  They're different sizes and that changes the contours of the holsters.

2. Personally, having been both a cop and a soldier, I hate shoulder holsters.  Unless you train extensively with one they are absolutely unreliable.  

3. If it's for "sleeping" at a combat outpost I'd recommend one that straps/clips to the front of the chest, similar to how tankers wore theirs.  They're much more secure and easier to draw from.

I can give a few recommendations, but they'd only be general ones.  Once I know what kind of light is attached I can be more specific.


No advice here... although my husband prefers the leg-strap harness for his.
 One further thing.  It really needs to be a horizontal (or slightly angled off horizontal) draw.  The shoulder or chest holsters that hold a pistol near vertical are tactically worthless.  At least in my humble opinion.

My thanks to all who made suggestions. I have purchased one and hope to get it on the way to the 'Stan within the week.

Communication with this guy is sparse and I know he will appreciate the holster.
Thanks for the linkage.  If they track Rodriguez down, I may just call in sick to go watch the sentencing...  (I'll try to sneak in a camera.) 
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