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Presidency In A Skirt

Boy - That was a great "Don't cry for me Argentina" speech.

Were the Marines there to protect the masses from his skirt?



 Sigh.  I know.  It's downright embarrassing to have this President acting a bit too much like President for Life or something.  I am creeped-out by his arrogance and the way he talks down his nose at those of us he is supposed to be serving.  

I see bad things ahead, even if we do manage to give Republicans control of the House this year.
There is too much to undo and he has Veto power.

People on-line think I'm nuts, but I have to believe that he has had at least some impeachable offenses since taking office, and I wish the House would pursue them.
Beth, you're very sane ..... it's everyone else who seems to have a case of willful blindness. Indeed - creepy, arrogant, and much trouble ahead.

He's fired one IG, Gerald Walpin, who discovered Obie's bud Kevin Johnson had pocketed taxpayer dollars, another, Neil Barofsky, who was investigating Timothy Geithner, and a third, Judith Gwynne, who was investigating documents in the ITC.

All done on-the-spot and without written explanation, despite the 2008 law designed to *protect* the independence of inspectors general by requiring the IG receive 30 days notice and the White House provide a full explanation to Congress *prior to* the dismissal of any IG.

Iceberg, tip of, one each...
" ... and I wish the House would pursue them."

I'd just settle for a press that was more objective and equally critical / investigatory of ALL politicians, no matter which party or ideology they adhered to.

We simply can not have a truly informed and educated electorate with the Journolistas we have now.

Remember, remember the second of November, Democrat treason and plot.

I see no reason for Democrat treason ever be forgot.

There is no way this Congress, both House and Senate, will put forth an impeachment. The Congress has to be changed significantly to make something like that stick. By that time, he will be running for his second term and we would then have to put up with the Obama machine politics and the herd of the stupid.

Is there a transcript?
in the good old days, when a new british government (labour or tories) came into office they first started with undoing what the former government (labour or tories) had done. really constructive. it seems that the usa are heading that way too. there is so much anger and bad blood between the 2 parties that none of them are thinking about progress, just about sabotaging what the other is trying to accomplish. why? to hide the fact that the only differences between them are the lobby groups and campaign financiers that support each party? 

from over here it looks like a tired and worn system, and that says a lot if you know our political system!
Well, Eric, as you sometimes point out to us when we look at your stuff from over the pond and point out that it isn't exactly they way we're seeing it....

So too with you, eh?  Even granting the kernel of truth in what you say.
" ... the only differences between them are the lobby groups and campaign financiers that support each party ..."

In terms of incumbency, this may be true. All those in power want to remain in power, and often use the same tactics and strategies to do so.

But there are indeed serious ideological differences between them, and serious differences in how these ideologies affect government and the people.

It's like the difference between criminals and the police:  Both use violence and weapons, but there's a HUGE difference in intent, even though some cops may go rogue and get dirty.

As I look at this thread, I started with the top line, "Boy - That was a great 'Don't cry for me  Argentina' speech. Boq, do you know where that line came from? It came from "Evita" or the story of Juan and Eva Perone, The Dictators, as they thought, for life. The Perones brought many hard core Nazis, who refused to change and therefore, the Nazi movement was growing. For the record, yes, we had Nazis come here, but first, they were required to publicly renounce  the Nazi movement. Then one day, many years ago, on a dirt road in the rural section of Buenos Aires, called Garibaldi Street, there was a compound. Now inside the compound, the people of the area saw this suspicious man walking around inside, but they couldn't identify him. A call was made to a woman who lost all of her family. As soon as she saw him, without question she knew who he was and the fact he was good friends with the Perones.

As I  started to write this, it would have been very easy to just walk away and ignore this post. But, I just can't ignore the history. The sad thing is this many good people get covered with this "stuff", in polite terms. No, that is not exactly true, they are *GREAT*, by the way, that includes, *YOU*! I know you can do better.

By the way, that man in the compound was Adolph Eichmann. Many people thought, they would find Mengala in the same area.
Oh yeah Grumps, I am well aware of Eva and the Montonero movement that she spawned.  Thanks to her and her leftist rabble rousing, Argentina went from being the 7th economic superpower of this world to abject obscurity.   Thanks Evita!  I did obliquely bloged about her about a year ago:

And my circumspect linking of our 44th President with her, was on purpose.  If he would act like a testosterone-filled dictator, though, I would have made a reference to the past occupant of Piazza Venezia.  But that isn't the case.  Long live the skirt ;-)

Could someone help out the lost, here?

What speech was this and how does this tie in to Eva Perone?

I feel like I've walked up to a conversation to hear only the punchline of an inside joke.