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Photo Of The Day

Almost made it.

Caption reads:
Afghan National Army (ANA) soldiers stand guard alongside an International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) Chinook helicopter which crashed in an eastern district of Kabul on July 26, 2010. An ISAF aircraft made a hard landing along the perimeter of a coalition force camp in Kabul province. Four aircraft passengers received minor injuries with the cause of the crash under investigation. (Photo credit should read SHAH MARAI/AFP/Getty Images)


Sometimes you have to take the barrier to get the airplane stopped, but this is ridiculous... 
Seems like the ANA could use some assistance from MacGyver....
I would like to hear the stories of the guys in the tower. Looks like it was a pretty close call for them.
Boq, This looks like one helluva fetchup. The old bird looks like she's talking out of her tail. "Hey Grumpy, you're such a SMART A$$, what would you be saying, if somebody drug yours along a rough masonry wall? I didn't think so, Just Shut Up!"
In best Maxwell Smart voice: "Missed it by that much!"
Copilot: Dude, told you it was a wall.
Pilot: I coulda sworn it was just a shadowline.