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Photo of the Day

Caption Reads:
U.S. Army Sgt. Ethan Miller (L) shaves PFC Christopher Miller with Task Force Thor Route Clearance Patrol from 23rd Engineering Company, Airborne before embarking on a day-long mission July 6, 2010 in Jeluwar, Afghanistan. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)



Why isn't he shaving himself?  And why is he being shaved by a guy with a botched haircut?
And why is America peeling?
The New NCO Corps. Shaving Privates since 1776.

Pun intended.
Sarge has a sweet haircut; high and partially tight. 
If I had a nickel....
Argent,  How do you think the Sarge GOT that botched haircut. Boredom comes easily in the 'stan and us mud apes revert to our origins... group grooming?

Back during my all-expense-paid tour of sunny Southeast Asia, we would go to the bush for 30-40 days at a time due to the miracle of then modern airmobility.  Not many guys shaved, unless we did a river crossing or found a very recent flooded bomb crater.  Officers, (appearances are important) mostly.  My partner's "nom de guerre" was "Wolfman".  The joke was that he could grow a beard on the helicopter ride out.

One day our CO told me that battalion was looking for a barber.  We knew these opportunities as "strap jobs".  Basically, it was an opportunity for a good infantryman to get a job in the rear for part of his tour.  I had a guy in my squad who had a wife and child so I told him about the opportunity. He didn't want to leave the squad and told me he didn't know anything about barbering.  In my best Bronx deadpan, I told him, "You're Italian; you'll figure it out. Get on the bird."
I recall being shaved by my Company Commander in Boot Camp.  It was not a pleasant experience.  And the blade was not sharp either.  It seems my babys butt cheeks were not sufficiently babys butt smooth and needed some adjustment.
Most likely the Soldier showed up to formation or movement unshaven.  A good corrective action is to have a dry razor that hte Soldier must shave with.  While I've used this tactic to ensure my Soldiers are shaven, I've never personally shvaed them.  I usually hand them the razor to do themselves. 

As for the Sergeant, he was probably hit by an IED and lost a portion of skin on that location. 
CJ - I don't care, it's *still* funny.
It's absolutely funny!  I love it!!  Hilarious, even.
Let's hope that that PFC's surname isn't PARTS.
It looks like they're both trying to keep a straight face, and almost succeeding. All in good fun, etc.   After dry shaving, though, be sure to splash some alcohol on that face. Germs are everywhere, you know.
Boq, the delay fuze on yer last one just now functioned in my head. OW OW OW!
I just couldn't help but bust that perfect set-up JTG ;->

  I can only imagine what that was like, dry shaving. Navy-wise, it wasn't pleasant when the fresh-water condensers went down and you had to shave and shower with salt water.

 One of the reasons I grew a beard. 
If this was a caption submittal thing, mine would be "now! Lick it!"
Can't resist this no longer:


"This is my razor.  There are many like it, but this is mine. ..."