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On priorities, appearances, and just plain asshattery.

I know the issues involved with trying to improve the ability of deployed soldiers to actually get an absentee ballot in sufficient time to vote it and return it are multi-jurisdictional, cost money, require civil servants at the local level to actually *change* how they do things (shudder) and require the people who want to run for office to decide a little earlier, and politicians who want to convince voters to vote for a sales tax to actually draft the verbiage earlier, etc.

None.the.less.  These are the guys and gals who are out doing dangerous stuff at the behest of the government and are engaged in a pretty serious demonstration of citizenship.

But, according to the Washington Times, it would appear that the Justice Department is ready, willing and able to assist the States in kicking that can down the road this election cycle, rather than reminding them that it's the law of the land, and helping, whether with carrots or sticks, the states comply with the law and ensure that deployed personnel will have a voice in the upcoming election cycle.  I mean, it's not like they don't have a life or death interest in the issue or not.

Senator Cornyn, who authored the law in question, is a touch miffed, and has put a hold on the nomination of  John Cole for Deputy Attorney General until the Justice Department undergoes and attitude adjustment about, oh, actually enforcing the law.  Yeah, yeah, I know.

But just who *will* Justice fall over itself to ensure they can get a chance to vote?  If for no other reason perhaps than to ensure that the Senate can be a re-employment agency for retired Saturday Night Live comic hacks?


Mind you, the WashTimes editorial is a bit disingenous in referring to this resource page intended to help felons exercise their right to vote, but hey, at least the links work and, unlike the page regarding military voting, has current information.  Of course, after the WashTimes editorial, the DOJ finally did update the relevant page on their website.

Of course, given the way the DOJ has been operating as a agency of the people in power, vice... oh, the People, I guess we can give them an A+ for constituency service, looking at voting patterns of felons vice military personnel (though we military types are nowhere near as monolithic a block as you might think).

I so want it to be simple incompetence and bureaucratic inertia in a large organization.  But sometimes you have to wonder.


Standing joke at the DoJ:

Q. "What's black and white, and Red all over?"

A. "Our website."
The leftist contempt for the military is nothing new. 

Voting being the very core of our form of government, any action, or inaction, to disenfranchise eligible voters is despicable.  Especially when they go out of their way to pad the voter rolls with dead people, illegals, and idiots and then herd them to the polls when they don't have a clue about the candidates.

Kind of smells like tyranny to me, the sort of cr@p pulled by "enemies, domestic."
I quit wondering back in the 2004 election cycle when Dino Rossi started off with more votes than Gregoire, until the second, third and so-on votes occurred, chipping away until Gregoire had enough votes.  In the lawsuit that followed, sadly, the judge determined that only simple stupidity and incompetance were proved, rather than full-on fraud, and so we have Queen Christine instead of Dino. One family with a serving (Marine Corps) son spent the money to bring him home to sit with them while they all filled in their mail-in ballots.  Not one of the three ballots were counted.  At that time you could still vote in real places, although many (like me) chose to vote through mail-in ballots.  (Through the online site, I verified my vote was counted).  Guess how people are forced to vote now?  Yup, you guessed it - King County forces mail-in voting now.  Nice, eh? 
Over at Confederate Yankee Bob Owens has a post up titled A Nation on the Edge of Revolt. I don't think it's quite as bad as he's saying, but when an idiot like Al Franken (speaking of recount until you win) can get elected to the United States Senate there is something seriously wrong with the country.

I hope we can still apply corrective measures at the ballot box but when the vote is corrupted how can you trust the results?

On July 21 I picked-up my local fishwrapper, and read on the dead tree edition the report by Erick Eversole.  Ever since, I've been struggling with writing a cogent post on this matter.  But since my emotions on the matters run from down right P*ssed-Off to Venom and Spittle, It hasn't come out right.

Hopefully early next week I'll post someting on this.

@Armorer,  There you you go again and use that *stuff* again. By the actions of *both sides*, I always thought that the use of that *stuff*, was outlawed. By the way, the *stuff* is also called, common sense.

@Boq, it is much better to be pithed off, than to be pithed on!

This is all relative...and I'm not at liberty to talk about my relatives but it is all according to where you sit. For the past bunch of years I've sat in New Jersey and it is nice to talk about all the election platitudes but living election fraud as a daily occurrence is rather disheartening. Since I was a kid, elections have been rigged. When I was a young adult and became involved, it was learned what a vote cost. Has anyone taken a toll of all the politicians that went to jail in this State in just my life time? It is unbelievable to figure how bad Corzine was to loose the election to a Republican. One of our Senators was elected by breaking the rules, the other is a political hack; and we can't seem to rid ourselves. The Democratic Machine is too entrenched. But we keep trying. And I'm going to look into the Tea Party. Maybe I'll find a woman of easy virtue...we all have our goals.
 Greetings:  especially BillT

That goes for President Obama, too.
...and is ANYONE really surprised by this?  Shouldn't be.  I voted in that election, Barb, it was the last election where we had a genuine polling place in Snohomish County as well, and I watched as they "Found" stash after stash of votes pulled out of thin air in three districts in King County that didn't have that many actual people living there.  The reason it was tossed wasn't lack of evidence, it was because the Republican Party in this state screwed up the filing and asked for something that gave the judge an EXCUSE to toss the suit.