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I Did *Not* Throw John Into The Hot Tub

Which is just one more thing that he and Fuzzybee don't have in common. However, FbL and the Armorer of Argghhh! (abbreviated AoA, which also stands for Angle of Attack, and nobody ponders "John" and "angles" using the same synapses) *do* share one thing: A Birthdate in late July.

And *this* birthdate is -- John's.

Fortunately, he's easy to shop for.

Guns or pr0n. And if you can find a way to combine the two, so much the better.

I usually wait until the last minute to go shopping for presents, but a couple of months ago, I managed to snag the boss's vehicle under the pretext of getting the oil changed and took the opportunity to track down a rumor I'd heard.

Now, back in John's war and in OIF, the planners kept biting their nails because Saddam liked *long* range artillery, and he'd bought a bunch of it. Long range, meaning that his stuff *outranged* our stuff. And John used *our* stuff.

Long-story-short is that we were told that Tac Air and MLRS had destroyed most of Saddam's Outrangers in the opening days of Desert Storm, and the few surviving pieces that *hadn't* been destroyed had all been shipped back stateside after OIF as lawn ornaments at Ft. Sill and Aberdeen. The rumor I'd heard was that the collectors had missed one, and it was around here, somewhere.

I found it.

Meet the famed GHN-45 155mm semi-self-propelled gun..

Those small wheels on the trails are for the diesel engine that powered the hydraulics and allowed it to double as a self-propulsion unit. The beast could chogie along at 16kph over smooth terrain.

It's resting peacefully under some olive trees in the old headquarters compound of what we call the Dark Side, because it has electrical power when our side *doesn't*.

Well, geez, of *course* I've got a Hi-Rez for ya, John -- sheesh!

Huh? What *else* did I get you?

Oh, all right. I found another museum piece, but this one has an accoutrement the museums usually don't include.

An M-46 130mm gun.

You don't usually see 'em complete with the towing kit.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know -- Hi-Rez!

No, the aimy-fiddly bits weren't intact. I figure either the BC or the XO took 'em as souvenirs.


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Today is apparently The Armorer’s Natal Day So in honor of He of the Large guns and Margarita’s: 1st Field Artillery Brigade, 1st Division , Reinhausen Germany 1919 Hi Rez for ya’ll here!... Read More


Wheeee!  Now start takin' 'em apart and mailing 'em back!
Happy Birthday Armorer!
Now start takin' 'em apart and mailing 'em back!
'I got it one piece at a time, and it didn't cost me a dime...'
Take a cue from Johnny, Chief- make the AoA happy!!
HB, John!
Have one on me, John. I'll reimburse you later. :) 

 Happy Birthday, John! It's a great day and I'm hoping you have many happy returns of the day.

   Interestingly enough, it's also my son Sean's birthday. Specialist Sean turns 22 today, over in FOB Shank.. Hard to believe he's been in the Army since 19.......

  Regardless, I hope you celevrate in proper form, John!
Another year older and, uh... I.. don't think I'm gonna finish that.  ;)
Happy birthday, John.  And now, some music for the occasion!
Alles Gute zum Geburtstag, John!
Now start takin' 'em apart and mailing 'em back!

Hey, I had to show my forged recently-udated Official Letter of Authorization to Take Pictures of Neat Stuff Document Historical Artifacts to *three* officious busybodies Security Force personnel just to get *close* to those puppies.

Taking unauthorized photos is a no-no. It might let those dirtbags without access to Google-Earth, a rooftop outside the wire, or any of the 5,000 maps of the base that Ba'ath took with them when they vacated the place see where buildings are, yanno...

Happy birthday, huggy-bear... ;-)

(did I make you cringe at the thought of a hug, John??  hehe)
A very happy peaceful and quiet Birthday. Try not scaring the neighbors.
Merry Birthday Massa John. The very best to ya Sir!!
Happy Birthday, John!!!
Huggy Bear?

That blows my "easy to shop for" throwaway line...
Have a wunnerful one, and many returns of the day, Sir!
Happy Birthday, dear friend!  I'm happy to celebrate another year of your presence having made the world a better place.  *half-hug*  ;)
Happy Natal Day!  Don't you need some rounds to go with said toy?  Water grenades, perhaps?
A 'Sploding pinata?


Ok, birthday is over. Now go clean and oil all the celebration stuff.
July's been a busy month for birthdays in the milblogosphere.... John, FbL, me, CV, Toby... Did I miss anyone?  I know I caught you on fb, but Happy Birthday, John!
Miss L - in truth, *October* was the busy month.  The Auld Soldier was home from Graf for exactly one 4-hour visit during that October in 1956.  Mom always said she knew to about an hour when I was conceived...
Enjoy the arty pr0n, John.  I'm thinking even Bill won't be there long enough to mail you all the bits and pieces!  Hope you had a happy b-day :-)
A belated "Happy Birthday!" from me, too, John.
Barb, have you ever tried to find a mailing tube 24 feet long?

Hi Kids!
Welcome to the Huggy Bear Sugar Buttons Show!
On today's episode, we'll examine M-46 fiddley-bits and witness the GHN-45 time trials! 

And now... heeeeeere's DUSTY!

Bill, I have confidence.  If anyone can, it's you :-)