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Hitting The Bong On Patrol

Don't harsh my mellow, but which MRE  Ration would be better for *Da munchies*, Southwest Beef & Black Beans or Mediterranean Chicken?




In the C-rations days, it was pound cake and canned peaches.   
Afghanistan is a mess. It has been a mess for the last eight hundred years. They are really good at being a mess.

I probably got the latter day C-Rats, but our stoner munchies of choice were the chocolate nut roll and the cheese packet/crackers.
Peaches or fruit cocktail were the preferred choices back when Fred Flintstone and I went through the 11Bravo seminar at Ft. Polk's School for Mis-guided Youth. 

With MRE's, I liked the dried beef hocky puck.  Ate it dry, then drank water.  Interesting sensation in the stomach as it rehydrated.

Ahhhh, good times.  Just didn't appreciate it at the time.
Green eggs and ham!  Green eggs and ham!  Pound cake with chocolate powder!  Ummm Ummm good!  John Wayne bars melted over crackers!
Oh yeahhhh...beef patties, dry with a water chaser!
Back in my day [before smokeless powder almost] C-rats had cigerettes in a box of 2 that were like fast fuses. Most were Chesterfields made around 1945 or '55. You prolly got one drag before your 'stash went up in flames.
I LOVED the John Wayne bars.  Dad would bring them home to us kids from time to time.  The pound cake was good, too, though I've never had need of curing abdrug-induced case of the munchies...
"Chicken or Turkey Loaf" with blackberry jam.

You knew you were low on the totem pole when even the people who *made* your canned food weren't sure what it was...

Skip - we always got Lucky Strikes, and *everyone* had a Lucky Strike Green or Red flashlight filter...

Yeah .... my favs were the canned peaches / pears / fruit cocktail and the John Wayne bars.  Would also make ranger cookies with the sugar and coffee creamer. Oh, and the Chiclets.

Was it just me, or did ALL of the canned meat stuff smell and taste like tuna?
Why is that guy sort of dancing with the bong?
It's been a few decades but I recall one of the meat products, which I considered to be one of the best (but can't now remember its name) must have been the prototype for a canned cat food we fed to our cats a decade or so later.  The cats liked it as much as I did.

Ok. Gotta ask;  the John Wayne bar!?


Back in the early 80's I was stationed at 29 Stumps, 29 Palms to the non-uniformed types...  and during the Exercise "Gallant Eagle" my unit was so fortunate as to be designated as guinea pigs for the new MRES.

Now, I loved C rats, but these new-fangled MRES supposedly held promise.  So for two whole weeks of the field exercise, my unit tasted, tested and vetted the new MRES.

Normally, this would not be a problem.  However, as they were 'new-fangled', the selection for menus was, ah... rather limited.

For every meal, for two weeks, breakfast, lunch and supper, we ate MRES.  Our choices were: BBQ Meatballs OR BBQ patty.... That's it.  Nothing but BBQ for all three meals, those two 'choices', for two weeks.  No desert, no 'candy', no fruit, no crackers.  NOTHING but BBQ meatballs or patties.

Oh, and lukewarm or hot water to wash them down.

To this day, I HATE MRES.

Can't imagine why....

Don't even get me started about the genius who designed T-Rats...
I don't know about the bars, but I have heard about another "John Wayne" product (besides the large loop Winchester 94s).
It was a while ago..
An old Indian came in to the base trading post.
"I would like 2 ounces of tobacco, some rolling papers, matches and a roll of that "John Wayne" toilet paper that you sold me last week."
The storekeeper replied:- " I have the cigarette fixings, but I am not sure about the toilet paper - what do you mean by 'john Wayne' type?
"Well it is rough and it's tough and it don't take no sh1t from no Indians!"
I considered doing a post - but after doing a little research - I found it's already been written.  Here ya go, Casey.