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They stopped here for fuel two weeks ago, after an op in Mosul. The pilot said he'd heard good things about the IIMC Survival Course from the pilots I'd taught back in 2008.

Last night, this.

I'm not gonna post the pix of the crew -- their names haven't been officially released.


I don't know what the emoticon for a quiet sympathetic hand on the shoulder is, but you're gettin' it brother.
A sad day for everyone there and here.  Anyone in Iraq willing to put themselves between the terrorists and their prey, i.e. anyone and everyone who happens to be near their IEDs when they go off, deserve respect.  Ditto to anyone who takes the time to train these men to be able to protect their fellow Iraqis. 
I'll have my little girl add them to her list when she says her prayers tonight.
Sorry, Bill
Dammmn UnkaBill.
My condolences. I'll pray for the families.
Condonlences, Bill.  There aren't really any words, are there?
Folks pass in and out of our lives everyday. Some of them we know only for moments. Some of those moments become lifetimes. My condolences, Bill, for what its worth.
My condolences, too, Bill.
This sux....just sux...sorry for the loss,'ll feel better in the morning...when the pain goes away...
I'm oh so sorry Bill, ..... just don't know what else to say...
Sorry, may they rest in peace
I am sorry...prayers of comfort for you, and the families of the pilots.
This does suck.  Thoughts and prayers to you and the pilots' friends and family.
Well, poo.  And what they said.