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Bowing Impulse

UnkaBill, will be proud to know that New Jersey ranks higher than the U.S. in importance.

No - Wait.  Didn't he also bowed to tinhorned dictators too?  Ishe thinks the same of Joysey?

I wonder what the Air Force MSGT thinks about this?



The Air Force MSG is thinking -- Photo Shopped.
And a clumsy job, at that.
I thought so at first, ARB.  But it ain't
Even without following Boq's link in his comment, I've done enough Photoshopping to know that matching shadows/sun angle as well as they're matched here is the work of an artist for this pic to be a photoshop. 

What it looks like is Christie told a good joke.
I stand (sit) corrected; thanks for the info.
Off to the optometrist, I guess.
ARB, you're not the only one who looked at that and wondered about photoshop.  Obama just looks too... sharp, I guess, against the Master Sergeant, especially at the head and hand.  It makes it look like he was cut-n-pasted.  Makes me wonder what sort of camera was used.
"C'mon...we're going to lunch in Newark."
Occam's razor should apply. I believe that TheOne just didn't realize the New Jersey was part of the USA. Thus the behaviour.
C'mon - everybody knows Jersey is the 52nd state...
Ah - Like THIS
I believe the birthday boy got it right.
That's New Jersey....the other name is an island off the coast of France captured by the Germans in 1940 and freed in Aug 1945. Some kind of cows come from there also.

Just in case you're interested...Ellsie the Cow of Borden fame is a Jersey Cow.

There was an interesting discussion on ESR's blog recently about bowing vs. saluting. I think the consensus was that social inferiors bow, but equals, especially warriors, salute.

I thought we did handshakes in this country, between everybody. 
P.s. I get creeped out by that "look me in the eye" nonsense, but I'll do it for important occasions, like shaking hands, or when the guy says, "This is the blood of Christ, which was shed for you."
Oh, speaking of shaking hands, I mind how different Armies act when decorating their sojers:  In America, the guy gets a handshake with his medal; in France, he gets kissed on both cheeks;

In Russia, they kiss you right on the mouth!