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A miracle at Argghhh!

I await the Vatican's call...

The puppies roughed up a bird this weekend. SWWBO thought the hen was dead and went absolutely apesh*t on the puppies (they needed the significant emotional event if they ever want to run loose). Gunny Ermey would have dropped and done 100 if he'd been the target of SWWBO's righteous anger.

I drew undertaker duty. Noticed bird had eyes open (never yet seen a dead chicken with open eyes) and further deduced it was just barely breathing.

It was playing dead, and was rather traumatized from the Assault of the DogRats.

I coaxed her  back fully into the land of the living and delivered to SWWBO saying, "Her name is Lazarus. You can call me... "Carpenter."

Took her a minute. I was subjected to abuse. Sigh. No one gets me.

And I think I'm going to walk around in a Faraday suit for a while, too.


Keep it up and you'll be holey alright.
Phone call, John -- some guy named Benny.

He's calling collect...
Izzat on the phone that's in front of the picture window that has the backlight from the kitchen?  Nuh-uh.
Apparently it was just pining for the fjords, after all.
a) Just be careful the next time you go out to change the target at a target point.  That's the most convincing - I mean logical time for an 'accident' to happen.

b) I love the way he re-radiates enough to light up the florescent in the background. didn't do any mouth to beek life saving did you?
Lest other "incidents" happen, you have to turn that hunter, to a defender instinct in them Scrup'ls, Boss.
Apparently it was just pining for the fjords, after all.
*koff* I won an award those, you know...
...for those. Bloody mice...
I think it's safe to say the puppies aren't ready for the rating of "mostly harmless" quite yet...

Nice segue through two pieces of fine comedy...
@FM -- does a chicken have lips!! I must say that I do love Ermey's latest Geico ad.
Keep  rubbing that chicken!  Sorry, couldn't resist.

There was some discussion of Faraday underwear over at Joe Huffman's blog, as a way to annoy the TSA.  I proposed  that we get some Mormons to have some of those Temple Garments made up from metalliferous fibers, and make a First Amendment issue out of it.
Armorer, I wouldn't worry about the Vatican's call, but I would be more concerned with SWWBO's call. Now, if she calls you with an M-4, you know this is not going to end well. If the pups are smart, they'll cut her a wide DMZ.
What? No "Choke your chicken" jokes? Sheesh! Is this place becoming civilized and adult or what?

Well, a lot of farmers find you end up sacrificing a chicken or two to train the dogs that chickens are NOT for the dogs to eat. If'n you have a few dozen or so birds, one's an expected loss. But if you just have a handful,  that may be a significant fraction of the flock.

Since you can't hang the chicken that isn't dead from the dogs neck to teach it to be sick of dead birds, I dunno.... maybe an Alum spray on the feathers?  Make them taste really nasty?
Joec, how do you train the cats?  I believe there may be some "barn cats" at The Castle.

Of course, barn cats generally know what's up around the farm. I mind Fat Freddy's Cat explaining to his "nephews" that cats are not enslaved by humans, but just the opposite:
That is, kittehs took up with humans so as to get cow milk without having their heads stepped on.
Guess that kitten that my mother stepped on (she tells me...before I was born) didn't know that lesson. She remembers the crunch to this day (she is 84).  I see those trained cats on TV and admire the ability of someone with the patience to train a cat. I have had a series of cats and about the only training I ever managed to instill in one is the pointed meowing when the food bowl was overdue for filling.

I love the Rural King farm stores. I visit the one where my parents live everytime I visit.  The last time I was there they had chicks for sale at $1 each. I looked at those and thought how cute. I also remembered they share the same problem that all young farm animals have, like puppies, peepers, kittens, bunnys, lambs, children, whatever .... all grow up and have to be suitably dealt with. You just can't walk away at the end of the day. I think that is why I like computers (what I do for a living... than you Navy!).  When what I do gets real frustrating, I can walk away from it for a bit and it won't starve to death... or bleed to death.... or die from passing a breech, or have to worry whether there's too much rain or not enough rain or grasshoppers or 9000 other things that come with putting that steak on my plate.

What's that have to do with training cats?  Just this. I admire those who have chosen to do those things. Not everyone has the patience or the skills to do that (including me). I support those that do. Thank you, I really did enjoy the dancing cat AND the steak!