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Spectators in Body Armor

That's the headline to Mark Steyn this morning over at NRO's The Corner:

I may have to revise my old line about the British police being "the most monumentally useless in the developed world". For the G20 summit, the Toronto coppers ordered up a ton of new body armor, weaponry, gas masks, etc - and then stood around in their state-of-the-art riot gear watching as a bunch of middle-class "anarchists" trashed the city. Streetcars were left abandoned, and even police cruisers were seized, vandalized and burned. But hey, it's the taxpayers who pay for 'em, right? And I'm sure they'll have replacements ready when Constable Plod needs to drive over to Tim Hortons for his mid-morning Boston Creme.

This is followed by a note from the Ghost of a Flea:

Video footage of the G20 peace-riot in Toronto.

With best wishes from among the ruins,


I love this line from the Flea: Intestinal blockage passes for irony: "This is what democracy looks like! That is what a police state looks like!"

Looks like my pals from the Land  of Horton are living a chinese curse this week: "May you live in interesting times." 

Wait!  This is Canada!  They pride themselves on *not* being interesting, don't they?

That said - how many of these Bobo-spawn are actually Canadian, vice scumbag pissant vagrants from out of town, so to speak?


The pussification of police forces seems to be a widespread malady.  Along with their desire to get ever more impressive "toys" but never actually "use" them.  Our tax dollars at work, I guess, but no less productive than most other government sepending.

There seems to be a swarm of career vandals and anarchists who show up all over the world at the G8 or G20 meetings along with any other large gathering of capitalists or just plain old freedom loving folks.

I wonder if the majority are indeed the "usual suspects" and if so, how they can afford to flit aobut from place to place with no visible means of suport but plenty of time to trash the possessionso f the working class?  Travel, food, lodging all cost money, and someone is paying for that.

Someone needs to compare the booking records from Seattle, Davos, Toronto, etc, where these clowns have "protested" and figure out if these are in fact the same idiots doing this over and over, and then "follow the money."

Me, I would rather just tell the cops to use all force necessary, including deadly force, to stop riots.  Kill off about a dozen of these cretins and the rest may suddenly reconsider career options, and maybe take a bath, cut their hair and get a real job.

Of course, those of us with real jobs now, may not want to encourage deadly force as the time may not be far off when it might be us doing the rioting.

[Day by Day cartoon today is really pertinent!]

Well, sure is nice to see that the almost BILLION dollars Canada spent on 'security' was... well spent.  Wonder how much, if any, came from the US taxpayer?

Is this what it  is really coming down to?  The 'elites' dine high and mighty protected by hordes of armed and armoured police forces, while John Q. Public is left undefended against a violent rent a mob?  Most of whom appear to be fairly well-heeled, spoiled and ignorant brats.

As a business owner, I would not allow this to happen to my private property without a few black clad 'anarchists' being left writhing on the ground.  Their actions would depend on how long, if ever, they continued to writhe..

But, seriously, a BILLION dollars so the 'elite' can plot and plan to screw us over even more?  And 'we' pay for it with our treasure and our liberty?

I'd love to hear the thoughts of the officers assigned to 'protect' the summit and what they thought about it.  It would be most enlightening or frightening to hear.

Somewhere on the 7th level of Hell, George Soros is wringing his hands in a Monty Burns  "eeeeeeexcellent'" moment.
 Going by CTV news, there have been over 600 arrested, mostly overnight and this morning. I think the idea was to nab them when they were not surrounded by thousands of non-violent protestors. TPS(Toronto Police Services) was more aggressive this morning when protestors came to the detention centre. 
wasn't there a G20 in China a while back, without any of these "people"? or something in that line: expensive suits talking about the economy in a country where they shoot at people every now and then. could it be that shooting at people every now and then decreases the likelihood of violent protest? can't be the case is it? just my right wing brain tumor playing tricks.
So...Toronto has become Racoon City?
Now...had these protesters been Tea Party types, calling for less spending and such, in a totally peaceful manner, I wonder what the cops response would have been?  Deploy with full sheilds, gear, and batons?

Then again, I wonder how much of this is about the political correctness of the demostrators, versus the ever-increasing canard of "officer safety"? (Also used to justify using SWAT teams to raid non-violent drug suspects).

Tea partiers and such aren't a threat, so they can bust out all their toys and act tough.  The anarchists and associated leftist-pinkos have a well established propesity for violence, so they can't risk officers getting hurt.  Who cares if some people's stuff gets wrecked? 
As much as I would have been happy to see those anarchists on the receiving end of a police baton, they were pretty clever in hiding among the regular, misguided, non-violent portesters.  While the regular protests were in some cases blindly misguided, they certainly didn't merit the same response as the real perpetrators.

The police were in a difficult situation in that any overt action would have been portrayed as a police state action and cries of fascism from the left would abound, given a conservative federal government in Canada.  On the other hand, by their collective passivity when it was not warranted the police are now faced with concerns about police stasis. Do nothing is not much of a slogan.