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Single Issue Overkill

The voters of Arizona 3rd Congressional District have a choice to make.

Pamela Gorman is running for Congress for Arizona's 3rd Congressional District.  And while I do have great admiration for our 48th State of The Union, I am of the opinion that the plethora of crisis assailing us are far to complex to be taken care of by a single issue (i.e. slinging lead).

So you have great respect for our 2nd Ammendment, Ms. Gorman.  GREAT - We all love you for that.  But what is your position on immigration, the economy, government over-regulation, etc., etc.,etc.?

Or are you a one issue candidate?



Gorman is the real deal- a solid conservatived who served in the Arizona House and then the Senate (until she resigned to run from Congress).

Her campaign site spells out her stand on issues

Here are her comments on the gun video and the liberal outrage response to it:
June 29, 2010 at 8:47 PM
The Fun Little Gun Video that has the Left all Stirred Up

It all started with a fun day out shooting with my son and some friends and a camera. Some other friends volunteered to make a video out of the footage from that day. Who would have known that this little volunteer project would have been what triggered the Left to take notice and really hate me with such vigor?!

There is so much they could have already hated me for that they overlooked. I'm almost offended! For instance, they completely missed my long record of leadership on key conservative issues. They ignored my leadership position as a conservative with multi-state policy groups, passing conservative model legislation for all 50 states. They overlooked my ultra-conservative voting record and "scores" from various watch dog groups. They missed the government efficiency reform bills I've authored, the pro-life bill I passed (though vetoed by Napolitano), the tax reduction bills I've sponsored, the spending cuts I've supported, the pro-gun legislation I've sponsored, the various anti-illegal immigration bills I've supported... they even somehow missed that I was a sponsor of SB 1070!!! All of this good stuff that should have been making their heads catch on fire long ago and yet they were completely unaware. So disappointing.

But now, because some friends spliced together some footage of me and my kid out in the desert shooting targets (albeit with some very cool and historically significant firearms) in a fun little video, I am suddenly drawing their attention? Wow. They are going to be really surprised when they find out that the fun little video is nothing compared to what they are really going to get when I serve in Congress! Those that have worked with me know that I am very serious about conservative free-market policies and I do my homework on the issues and the proposed bills that come forward. I shoot guns as a fun sport. But, I destroy bad policy ideas as a mission.

Note: I have received the most amazing and almost artfully profane messages as a result of this video. It seems that it triggers the deep dark nasty places in people's imaginations. Wish I had time to do a study on why that is. But, I will suffice it to say that nearly all of the twisted dark comments have come from the left... go figure. :)

For the rest of you readers who are level headed and not generally in need of therapy or medication or exorcism ... Enjoy!

I think she deserves some financial support-  for the campaign, or just to buy more ammo.
Hot conservative babes with guns- what's not to like?

or just to buy more ammo.

Especially if she's going to keep feeding that Thompson with a drum magazine.
Yes, there's the reason for your .45ACP shortage right there!
John (NTA) hard to argue with the "hot chicks with guns" approach, but she seems a bit generic in her positions. I guess I'm a bit allergic to the "I'm a pro-life conservative Christian, so vote for me" approach.

Still, I don't see where Boq should cavil about her positions, when he (apparently) can't even be bothered to read the candidate's positions quite clearly posted on her website.

That 'Rican, always stirring the pot.  If It weren't for me, the back-stage Denizen comment line would be mostly somnolent.

Oh Casey, after seeing the clip, I did read her positions in her website.  And I do agree with most of what I saw.  But  her video was unbalanced relying too much on 230grains of heavy metals (times a thousand), if you ask me.  Remember, most in her audience will not bother to read her position statements in her platform.  They will only see the clip and move on, already passing judgement on her (positive or negative).

As a candidate, she has only so much time to grab the eyeballs of her future constituents, and bring her message home.  I ask everyone, what was the take away from that clip?
...Um, that chicks with guns are hot? :)

I kid, I kid!