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Princess Crabby Sends...

...which means you *will* receive. 

Listen up!  I Want Something!

Navy Seabee [See update below] Russ Dotson is in Khandahar and he has come across some wounded Marines who have slipped through the cracks. They are brought in from the field with none of their gear and stay for 3 to 5 weeks in a kind of limbo. Russ has a very specific list of stuff - no candy or toiletries, apparently they are swimming in that.

Details at Princess Crabby's place.

Don't argue with Maggie.  You'll just die tired.

Update: And don't get any details wrong, either.  Maggie sent a correction:
Thanks. First thing though is I am going to change one thing in your post which I thank you for putting up. Russ is not a SeaBee. He was Naval Coastal Warfare, but due to some Navy restructuring of IBUs, he found himself looking for a billet. He handles security for the NMCB. The small boat guys get testy when you don't show the proper love for drving things like you stole them and shooting stuff.


You rock, baby!!!!