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Making A Grand Entrance

In celebration of K-MO's grand return, I am reminded of a similar Grand Arrival at the motor pool.

Good to hear from you, Katherine Optima Maximae



reasons to join the army, part one.
hey!  can I have one of those for Christmas?!

As to where I have been...well, let's say a part of me thought I should shut the h-e-double hockey sticks up before I started believing my own press like some former General whose name shall be toasted or reviled depending on affiliations, opinions, rank, etc. 

The other part of me was just too damned tired.
Welcome back, Kate!

Um, John, is it just me, or does the profile of that Bradley bear a remarkable resemblance to a Sherman? :)

Now that I finally got to see it.... sure, Casey - except even the up-engined Isherman's couldn't hit those speeds...
John, do you have any idea how much time I spent mucking around the Web looking up the Isherman, M-50, and M-51? Not to mention (since I love the show) the Firefly Sherman, carrying that quick-firing 17-pounder?

While I doubt they would win, it might be fun to accompany Mr. Peabody to watch some Bradleys take on early Panther tanks. The Bushmaster may be only 25mm, but I wonder if the higher rate of fire and APDS would make much of a difference?

It may be silly, but I am regularly struck by the similarities between some modern designs and "obsolete" WW2-era platforms. The Bradley vs. the Sherman is one, Essex class carriers and modern Marine LHAs are another.

More recently we have seen calls for turbine-engine CAS aircraft. What was that Marx said about history?