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June 25, 1996

This is just an ugly day in American military history, isn't it?  Ugly day in French military history too, what with it being the day Hitler toured Paris.


Along with the USS Cole and the Marine Barracks Bombing, today is the anniversary of another battle in the war Iran has declared on us, even though we officially refuse to acknowledge that it's a war.
Captain Christopher J. Adams
Captain Leland T. Haun
MSgt Michael G. Heiser
MSgt Kendall K. Kitson, Jr.
SSgt Kevin J. Johnson
SSgt Ronald L. King
Sgt Millard D. Campbell
TSgt Daniel B. Cafourek
TSgt Patrick P. Fennig
TSgt Thanh Van Nguyen
SrA Earl F. Cartrette, Jr.
SrA Jeremy A. Taylor
A1C Christopher Lester
A1C Brent E. Marthaler
A1C Brian W. McVeigh
A1C Peter J. Morgera
A1C Joseph E. Rimkus
A1C Joshua E. Woody
A1C Justin R. Wood

Now is the time at Castle Argghhh! when we dance: In Memoriam of the USAF dead who fell with the Kohbar Towers.


Rest in peace, Airmen.
"We live in fame or go down in flame. Hey!***
Nothing'll stop the U.S. Air Force!"
If by the Marine Barracks Bombing you mean as occurred in Beirut, that was Oct 23, 1983. Rage swept through the Corps on that event. I was stationed in Japan at the time and remember how the feelings ran hard in that there was little likelihood that we'd be included in the payback. We wanted blood and lots of it in return for what the jihadiscum had done.

Too bad the institutionalized cowardice that followed Vietnam still possessed the shot callers of the day. If we'd put proper payment to that debt then, there's good chance lots of what followed wouldn't ever have occurred.

I still get gut sick on Oct 23 of every year.

Forgot to say God Bless and keep these dearly departed souls lost on that day and all days before or since in the centuries old war against jihadiscumism.