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June 25, 1950. [Updated]

The Ongjin Peninsula, Korea.  The Defense Attaché in Seoul wires MacArthur's GHQ"
Fighting with great intensity started at 0400, 25 June on the Ongjin Peninsula, moving eastwardly taking six major points; city of Kaesong fell to North Koreans at 0900, ten tanks slightly north of Chunchon, landing twenty boats approximately one regiment strength on east coast reported cutting coastal road south of Kangnung; Comment: No evidence of panic among South Korean troops.

That overly optimistic assessment wouldn't last long.

Greyhawk has more.

Update: In other news, Cartman Jong Il says Korean War was all our fault and presents a bill for $65... trillion.

Little cockroach can't die soon enough.

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Ironically, that is the same amount that Don King is asking in compensation for copywrite copyright infringement for his hairstyle being stolen by Spanky.

I goofed on spelling and didn't catch it until after it posted.

That's really funny that the North Korean cow pie would try to demand money from us. Obviously his mom didn't teach him how not to embarrass himself in public.