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Interesting stuff you find when wandering the internet...

Like this picture, which had no caption.


From the uniforms and rifles, it looks like a Belgian armored train, early in WWI.  And I'm pretty sure it's a posed shot  - if it isn't, and I'm one of those two guys in front of the bubba on the right, I'm gonna turn and butt-stroke him after pulls the trigger...

 But something nagged at me about the picture - it looked maddeningly familiar,  but I couldn't put my finger on it.  Then I was downstairs, carbonating the ale and feeding the Auld Soldier's cats, when this caught my eye on the shelves in the Stacks:



The painting is The Armored Train in Action, by Gino Severini, in the holdings of The Museum of Modern Art in New York, and graces the cover of The Norton Book Of Modern War, a anthology of war poetry and fiction edidted by Paul Fussel.  A great book, btw.  Well worth reading more than once.

Nice to have that particular itch scratched.


the photo looks positively Belgian, and the painting even more so...
Of course, life is going to suck for everyone in the picture if the gunner pulls the lanyard on that gun.
But remember, as per Belgian edict, one can't sell cartons of belgies by the dozen anymore.  I wonder how many grams they would make.

If it wasn't, don't worry -- the way the guy on the right is holding that fowling piece, he'll horizontally-buttstroke himself and save you the trouble.

I can see it now. "I buttstroked myself" joins "I bayonetted myself"...
That does appear to be a Belgian M1889  bayonet on the third bloke back... can't be positive with an angle like that but the frog is fairly distinct.
The Belgies had armored trains???
 Not Italian?

Not Italian.  As Kevin so helpfully sent along - Belgie armored trains.
@ Neffi "The Belgies had armored trains???"

Obligatory: "Not for long!"