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CPL Klinger Returns

Those of us of a certain age, remember CPL Klinger and his T.V. antics.  He claimed not to be a homosexual, just a crack pot pining for a Section 8 Discharge.

But now that our current administration is ramming down a repeal of DADT policy, and that our SEC DEF has issued guidelines making it virtually impossible for any service personnel to be prosecuted under Title 10 of the US Code, the following picture has surfaced in the web:

 When I first stumbled upon this picture (the original didn't have "the zone" cleansed-off its see-thru pink female unmentionables), my reaction was *LOL* -  How silly!  I did share the original picture with some select friends, whose reaction was:

-I'm trying to decide if I should puke or laugh.....puke from laughing....


-but it is disturbing to think that my pink lace panties are being paraded around like that.


-Is it just me or does this guy need a full brazilian?
-Like *this* full Brazilian?
-Thats not full, thats spillage.
-Half Brazilian. As far as looking that closely, it was hard to miss (unless that's a very dark sock in his lace underwear). It was pink LACE underwear. Although, I'm sure you guys were all looking at his big gun.

In deed. I was focused on the Picatinny Rails.

But then after all the guffaws were said and done, I started thinking.  Is this a prelude of things to come at an FOB near you, once DADT is expunged?  Should events like this go into SEC DEF's DADT Inbox?  Surely the high brass up in The Pentagon would like to weigh-in on this.

Finally, I am reminded of a list of goals by the U.S. Communist Party from back in the 1950's.  Amongst their stated goals and in order to destabilise cohesion in the U.S. society in general they declared:
-We must present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as normal, natural, healthy.
-Discredit the American Armed Forces by calling it inadequate, old-fashioned, out of step with modern needs.
Your thoughts?



I stand by my guns on this one. I still haven't decided whether to puke or laugh, however my basis (or bias) is pretty straight forward. I'm one of those folks who figure folks can do what they want. Just don't include me in it. Been that way for quite a while. I figure we let folks make a wide range of decisions that don't include ourselves. From alcohol, tobacco, fetish, and other weird things that I have no interest any what so ever and some that I probably do. But the ones I don't, I don't care if folks do'im: just don't invite me.
does he shoot straight?
At least with the flipping of the bird he displays the right attitude. 
Should I add that this might be the scariest thing the Taliban, et al had ever seen in their entire life?
My thought is that blaming cultural change on the Commies is just damn silly.

 Unless the Taliban response is "See, it's Fred; he is one of us!"

Yeah, but yer a squish, Casey.  Damn near a pinko yerse'f.
The Articles of War did it better, I think. They harshly punished homosexual _acts_, but were totally silent on "being a homosexual."  It was the damned shrinks who put that stuff about homo-mindedness in the UCMJ.
I'm pretty sure he'd strike terror into the heart of the enemy. I think he's scary looking. :D

How would you tell if an infantryman was *really* gay, though? From what I hear they're the most homoerotic MOS in the Army anyway...
Don't forget the historical precedent of "Carry on up the Khyber" in which the Scottish Regiments securing this very area lost their advantage when the local Taliban equivalent found that they were wearing underwear under their kilts!  Surely this guy should be court-martialed for revealing that underneath, the fighters are girly-men!
I still love the scene from the movie where Sid is taking tea with bullets flashing through the room, but refusing to be cowed by the attacking forces, and showing British Resolve.
I'm thinking a bet was lost and this is the result.
I'm thinking of what I've heard it used to be like in the Navy.  The hetero guys teased each other with homo jokes, and the homo guys went out of their way to appear straight.

Of course the USN has always been quite, uh, "mental" about homo behavior. I give you the foofaraw about the Iowa turret fire.  The first thing  the Naval Investigative Service thought of was, "Homosexual Love Triangle."  The thought of bad powder and an over-ram just didn't cross their tiny minds. 
"Damn near pinko yerse'f." (looking at current melanin content)

Ok. That part is true, but irrelevant. :)

...And likely the "squish" part, too... {/snerk}

My other thought was: Gee, infantrymen thought of a joke which may be seen as crass, vulgar, possible obscene, and certain to upset the Miss Grundy's back home. This is unusual how?...

From various hints I've read the above grunt might have been considered properly-dressed on Captain Gatch's USS South Dakota.

P.s. That Warrant Gunner aboard Iowa was an obvious unsupervised Aspie,  but hell the ship's Captain was an obvious unsupervised football jockhead, and admiral-striker.
Ooh, Casey,  I've heard about that, and that USS S*&%4y Dick and USS Washington were not allowed to give their men liberty in the same port at the same time. 

The youngest guy to serve in the Second World War was aboard USS South Dakota for that battle, and acquitted himself honorably. He was twelve years old. His division officer was Sargent Shriver; yes, _that_ Sargent Shriver, of the infamous Kennedies. You can't make this stuff up.

The kid was done horribly wrong by the navy, and I think he only got his medals back about the time he died, just a few years ago.
JTG - *do* explain your problem with "football jockheads..."     8^)
The purpose of football is to provide an opportunity for bandsmen to dress up in purty uniforms and march around for a bit while playing purty music. Other than that, football is an entirely useless waste of time.
P.s. Now, rasslin', that's pretty cool, and one of my favorite amusements when I was younger. When I was working at Dad's furniture store, we guys on the truck would wrestle each other for fun if we were, say, waiting at a house for the driver to come back with the next load. One of the best times  I ever had was when I wrestled with a wummun. She won. (big healthy Irish gal)
That reminds me, the PX/BX hasn't sold a single thong since the Navy contingent left last year. They've been sitting on the 75% OFF table for months...
Yes, Bill, it is meet and right, and our bounden duty, to make homo jokes about sailors from now on, world without end, amen.  Because that's just funny! (and even more so, the more they complain about it)
That reminds me, the PX/BX hasn't sold a single thong since the Navy contingent left last year. They've been sitting on the 75% OFF table for months...

Except the electric blue ones, right? Because you bought the PX/BX out of those a while back, remember?

Oookay, I think Bill wins the thread. :)

Because you bought the PX/BX out of those a while back, remember?

Only the plain ones, without the lace trim and sequins.

Did you ever wonder, JTG, why we ran sweeps and traps on the last play of the half when the band was crowding the sideline?

Because it was like playing "Death Race 2000" when three hulking behemoths smashed into the bandsies.  Extra points if you got a flautist to impale the bandsie in front of them.

And I *never* "rassled."  I "wrestled."

Huge difference.  One's real, and one's Hollywood, and I don't do Hollywood.