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Continuing to pull the wings off of flies.... er, I mean,

...entertaining myself watching you fly in circles  you guys with intellectual challenges.
Yeah, that's it.  That's what I'm doing.  

Okay, yesterday Terrapod whinged that it was too hard and no fun.  To which I respond - I'm having fun...

Collectively (I said that to make JTG happy) you guys have pretty much twigged to the fact that the item in question is a bolt.  Now the challenge is to try and figure out a bolt out of what?  There are clues here in the structure of the bolt that will lead you to an answer as this bolt is pretty unique in design - enough so that if you can figure that out, it will help you confirm or deny your theories on what it goes to.

Or, if you own one of these, well, then you're miles ahead of the gang.


I tore my garage apart and then checked the attic...Nope...I don't own one of those. Unless it's a part from one of the tools my brother borrowed, I have no clue.
Do I remember seeing a Maxim in your collection?  (Thinking it might just be a bolt assembly form one of your machine type guns...)
Too long to be the bolt from an MAS or a Cetme/FN/FAL, too well made to be from a sten, too long by half to be from a stg43, must be a Kreuzschlitzschraubenzieher.
It took a while but I believe after a fair bit of googling what we have here is the bolt for a PPS-43 submachine gun.  It is the only thing I could find that matches the shape and especially the big hole the middle of the bolt.
David - yes, I do have a Maxim, and two Vickers.  All three of which use firing locks, not bolts.
Whingeing or not, it got results! A better picture of something still obscure.....carry on, stay calm and is it the SMLE MKI ?
it's a picnic table with a hunk o' metal with a spring in it.
The closest I can find to that picture is a Thompson  bolt, but from the angle of the photo it is hard to be sure!! That is my final dart today.
M3A1? Never seen one but I know they dropped the cocking handle and used a hole in the bolt instead.
It's the wrong proportions to be a bolt for an M3 or M3A1.  Greasegun bolts are about the same size as the fruit can in a C-ration.   I misdoubt it's a Thompson bolt either, as them are square, more or less.  Which also excludes the Madsen. 

My hindbrain is thinking it's more likely a bolt from an obscure semi-automatic rifle.
I'm going to essay a wild-assed guess and suggest that it's a bolt from an M1941 Johnson semi-automatic rifle.

I'm probably wrong, but WTH?
Not a Johnson bolt. Just disassembled mine for cleaning, (fun shoot last weekend, other guns higher in the cleaning queue). I am with Raging Tachikoma on it being from a PPS-43.
Not a M-1941 Johnson bolt. Just disassembled mine for cleaning. (fun shoot last weekend, other guns higher in the cleaning queue.) I will ad my 2 cents (devalued) to Raging Tachikoma that it is from a PPS-43.
The shape of the back of it seems wrong to be a PPS43. Otherwise it looks very similar. M44 Tikkakoski?