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Choking off "irresponsible sources"

Aside from the un-self-aware irony inherent in Yon's clarion call to shut down the milkooks, the Indomitable Chuck Z of TC Override has some thoughts on what constitutes an "irresponsible source" as decreed by Mr. Yon.


While I have appreciated Yon's excellent photo-journalism in the past, and his excellent writing skills, I have lost confidence in his ability to tell the truth.  I don't know, or care, what the reason is, it is just a fact.  Like so many in the "media" he has decided he knows it all, and as a media elitist he seeks to denigrate those who lack his "professional skills."

I have contributed money to Yon in the past. but no more.

I have much more trust in Blackfive and Mudville than in Yon.

Too bad.  Yon WAS pretty good at his chosen profession a couple of years ago, but no more.
J(NTA) that was exactly the point we tried to make back when we were encouraging Yon to take a break.

He floats firmly and serenely in his bubble of sycophants.

It's sad.
Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely .... all that rot, and things similar.

Yon has basically been infected with the same phenomenon that happens with career politicans and top leadership cadres in just about any type of organization, be it Big Government, Big Oil, the military, Big Business, etc, all the way down to the smallest community and civic organizations like the PTA, church councils, neighborhood associations, or whatever.

The people in charge get so isolated and insulated, and full of themselves and their own influence, that they find themselves in an echo chamber where they get into a positive feedback loop of their own inflated egos and groupthink.

They become, like the Wicked Queen, the "fairest of them all".
I too seriously enjoyed Yon's early reporting and supported him financially.  No more.  He fell into the trap of so many journalists of believing his is the only way and the self-serving arrogance to try to stifle opposing views, when that is what led him to his initial success.  Somewhat reminiscent of the decadence of the Soviet regime where the leadership became more elitist and more corrupt than any Czar.  As for Chuck Z pounding of Yon - Target, Cease Fire...nothing but a small, smoldering pile of ashes left. Yon is working himself into a North Korean irrelevancy.
Six - you bring up the core of the problem with the news and what else passes for journalism these days.

The cult of personality that develops around someone who is supposed to write the first draft of history but instead decides to be a policy maker.

Only in times like this, "Hold your bladder!" 
Well, obviously, I missed something.  Shall I just go to chucks to find out what happened or someone give me the five bullet point break down as to what happened with Yon?
Never mind, I got it.  Mike Yon done lost his G** D*mn mind.
Small loss...