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Cartman Jong Il and his invoice to the US

Yesterday, I posted a little update in the Korean War post.
Today I thought I would elaborate on that meme.  That dark hole in the middle of this array of nighttime lights in Asia is North Korea.  Note the arc of lights to the east of that hole.  That is Japan.  We nuked them after bombing their tissue-paper cities with firebombs.  Note the huge cluster of lights below the hole.  That is South Korea - which Cartman Jong Il's father did his level best to turn into part of CJI's inheritance.

That black hole is not.our.fault.  Look in the mirror, you little cockroach.


Amen. Any takers on The One handing over a check while whimpering?
The NORK Diktator is certifiably nuts.

He also has a huge army, thoroughly brainwashed and intimidated.

He also has nukes.

While his "bill" is preposterous, his intentions are unpredictable and he can not be trusted or tolerated.

I half expected him to celebrate June 25, 1950 by attacking again yesterday.

Despicable tyrant. Hope he croaks soon.  Before he starts a bloody war.
Ah ha...does the $16.1 Trillion in property loss include all of South Korea? They did get all the way down to Pusan. And what if he presents his bill through the General Assembly of the UN and not the Security Council? He would need less then 100 votes for a majority. There is a significant number of spiteful little crack pot countries that would stumble all over themselves to cast the first vote.

We should write him a check drawn on Lehman Bros, post date it to Jan 21, 2013, attach it to a MOAB, and drop it on his head.
Cockroach is so appropriate seeing as these little are purported to survive a nuclear blast and this particular pest seems to survive everything else.

Does one ever notice that, while the good die young, evil just takes a licking and keeps on ticking?
I would prefer a stupid dictator in power but not a nutcase.

He must be short of iPad money.

And, John not the Armorer's almost prescient wish for Kim Jong Il to pass from this life, is reported to be possibly sooner rather than later.

North Korea to elect leaders amid succession campaign

it seems they are pushing hard to put Cartmen Jong Il's favorite little nit on the throne when the cockroach finally goes to the big pest motel in the sky.

The LA Times published a nice letter from the President of South Korea today, expressing his gratitude for America's help in saving his nascent country.  

Since the federally-mandated analog to digital TV signal conversion, I've been watching a (subtitled) bit of the Korean Broadcasting System, KBS, programming.  I find much to admire, especially all those Dragon Ladies.  The programs deal a lot with concepts like duty, honor, country, respect for elders, things our American TV no longer seems interested in or supportive of.  I particularly appreciate the way the South Korean celebrities deal with their country's military draft.  They recognize its inconvenience to their careers but they "Hwarang Up" and do their duty.  
I have also come to understand the deep sorrow that Koreans feel over their country's division.

We, Americans, made a terrible investment in saving South Korea.  I hope that all those who suffered losses from that war, feel some sense of recompense from what the South Koreans are making out of that investment.

11B40 - Elaborate on that terrible investment - and why it was terrible?

The poetry of my Irish heritage has struck again.  I meant in the sense that losing all those American lives was terrible in the terrible sense, but also in the poetic sense of "a terrible beauty is born" as Yeats wrote.  It was a bit of a risky choice semantically but I thought the overall gist of my comment would allow me to get away with it.  I'll be more careful in the future. 
11B40- there are yet some of us who understand 'terrible' in the sense you meant... others live in Kansas, a land scorned by the Muse during tornado season....
Yeah...and some dumb ginzo from NJ who doesn't know Yeats from Yeast.
And for that hoser in Colorado - sometimes, sometimes the comments are for the unseen-who-read.
Hoser?! Take off, eh?
If only he wouldn't feel so RONERY