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Caption Contest - It Slices, It Dices Edition

Maybe he's looking for the sharpest tool in the box.



Nice swords. Hey do you like DVD's?
Having discovered that his rhetoric is no longer sufficient to mislead the masses, Dear Leader reconsiders the old theory that "The pen is mightier than the sword."

Note that the tip of the crosguard appears to have an acorn.  I wonder what the significance of that might be?

Note the guy seated against the aft bulkhead with the earphones.  Probably Secret Service, with anti-BS protection, or maybe listening to old Churchill speeches as an antidote to what he has been exposed to.
The guy in the back is giving a play by play of the event to the pilots:

Headphones guy, "He's reaching for the sword."

Pilots: "Roger that.  Will maintain level speed and altitude."

Headphones guy: "He is gingerly touching the hilt.  He seems intimidated by the sharp blade."

Pilots: (silence)

Headphones guy: "D*ammit!  I guess that means I'm getting fired, too."


Could it be too much to hope that Dah One is examing a set of dueling daggers that have just been delivered to him by our good friend "Pooty-Poot" in an effort to resolve the Russki 'spy' kerfluffle?

Think of the deficit reducing potential of the pay-for-view and home DVD sales!
Hmm, You say that this one targets the 2nd Chakra?

I shall call it the Algore Rapier!
Maybe he's looking for the sharpest tool in the box.

Too easy. I refuse to bite.

Well, at least they are not bayonets. We all know what trouble those can be.
"It has no safety?!"
And I can't even get a fingernail clipper on Delta!
"So the trick is to find a way for either Blago or Rahm to fall on this thing."
Fred, yer a one trick pony, dude...  ;^ )
"Captain, I detect an alien technology previously unknown to us..."

Geeez.. those Secret Service guys must relaly be slipping lately, how the heck did this guy even get these assault weapons on board?

Oh, I'm sure now that O has his new shinies, they'll be on the assault weapon ban list soon enough....
"ARGGGGHHHHH MATEY, Why don't you walk the plank before I stab you with me sword!"

"Hee, Hee....always wanted to be a Pirate" "Ouch!, I just cut my finger"! ....he turns away crying....:)
Overheard statements aboard.

"Hmmm, but is it properly balanced for a six-fingered man?"

"What do you mean I can't knight myself...I'm the One, aren't I??"
FINALLY, a whatziss that i have my own original one of....