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Caption Contest - Cardio Edition

The real caption reads:
Afghan National policemen train at a gym in a Gurkha patrol base in Nahr e Saraj village, in Helmand, on June 22, 2010. AFP PHOTO / Bay ISMOYO (Photo credit should read BAY ISMOYO/AFP/Getty Images)
But I wonder If you have any other thoughts.



Omar "PT!"
 Hanji  & Banji "PT!"
Omar " IZ  GOOD  FOR  YOU!"
Hanji & Banji "IZZ GOOD  FOR  YOU!"
Omar "IZ  GOOD  FOR  ME!"
Hanji &  Banji "IZ  GOOD  FOR  ME!"
Omar "Americans tell me there is a MOS  for dis?"
1) Working hard to get nowhere (Isn't that the ANP's motto?)
2) The safest vehicle for the ANP to drive
3) How many goats can we get for this?
4) Hey, Muhammed, I thought you said the electricity would come back on if we pedaled these things?
"Stationary" bikes?  WTF???!!!!
Well looky who must have found a laptop battery or something...